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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles

Today’s youth finds themselves facing a lot of societal issues. With the nation currently dealing with an epidemic of opioid abuse, teenagers are particularly vulnerable to the evils of drug use. Why? They haven’t yet had the time to develop good decision-making skills or the ability to cope with stress and pressure. When they find out drugs offer them an escape, it’s hard for them to resist the temptation to experiment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for experimentation to turn into an addiction. Our answer to the problem is to offer adolescent substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles.

How Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles Makes a Difference

When teens enter adolescent substance abuse treatment LA, their young lives are falling apart. They’re usually having trouble at school, fighting with the parents, and putting their futures at risk. A good program for adolescent substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles might be all that’s available to save them. Our adolescent substance abuse treatment LA options are on the cutting edge of addiction treatment. We feel it is necessary to quickly identify the issues and then determine the proper course of treatment. We work our magic by stabilizing the client as well as helping them recognize the correlation between their problems and behaviors.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment LA – The Process

The first step in treatment is to relieve the teen’s cravings and overwhelming desire to stay high. A good detox program is the place to start. While in detox, the client gets a chance to get past their cravings and possible withdrawal symptoms prior to committing to therapy. In our Los Angeles teen substance abuse treatment centers, clients can expect to spend a lot of time in therapy. That really is the core of any reputable program for adolescent substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles. Our preferred treatment options are evidence based and holistic therapies. During therapy, our teen clients will get the opportunity to look closely at their behaviors. Once they are able to identify the relationship between causes/behaviors, they will be in a better position to apply coping mechanisms and hopefully avoid using.

Helping Teens at Destinations for Teens

We value our opportunity to help teens deal with addiction and mental health issues. Without a doubt, these fine young adults represent the future of America. Our commitment to the Woodland Hills community is to use all our resources to make a difference. For example, our resources include:

The time to stop your teen’s demise from substance abuse is now. You need to get them into an adolescent substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles. With that said, Destinations for Teens is ready to help. All we need to get going with treatment is a phone call to 877.466.0620.