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Ties Between the Abuse of Alcohol and ADHD

The link between abusing alcohol and ADHD can make it difficult for people with this condition to be truly healthy. Things may be especially complex if they self-medicate by drinking instead of seeking treatment. If you have ADHD, there are positive ways to manage it so that your life is stable and fulfilling. Learn about the risks of alcohol abuse and recognize the dangers of it.

Mental Illness and the Higher Risk of Substance Abuse

People who have mental health disorders — including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, ADHD or PTSD — have a higher likelihood of developing an addiction. This is because many of them try and medicate their negative feelings away instead of getting proper care. As they abuse drugs and alcohol, they grow dependent on them, and this, in turn, can lead to addiction. Despite the fact that millions of Americans have some type of mental illness, only a fraction seek treatment. As their addiction issues get worse, so does their mental health. It only creates a cycle of abuse and deteriorating mental health.

Abuse of Alcohol and ADHD: What’s the Link?

Some typical characteristics of ADHD include hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattention. While some people benefit from medication to manage the condition into adulthood, others are able to lead productive lives without it or by seeking therapy. Whether you take prescription medication to manage your ADHD or not, alcohol abuse won’t help matters. In terms of alcohol and ADHD, drinking heavily may come more readily to ADHD sufferers, according to a report published by the National Institutes of Health. They’re already subject to impulsive behavior, and while they may believe that alcohol will relax them, it can have damaging effects on their brain functions. In addition, the good feelings that drinking produces can quickly turn into negative results, such as poor judgment-making and depressed mood. Are you a parent who’s worried about your adolescent with ADHD? If you suspect that your child is drinking as well, finding an effective teen ADHD treatment program is vital. When two conditions co-exist — such as substance abuse disorder and mental illness — specialized treatment is necessary. In a qualified rehab facility, professionals can treat your teenager for co-occurring disorders that are disrupting his life and the life of your family.

Premier Addiction Treatment Just for Teens

A combination of proven therapeutic practices and a holistic approach goes into our treatment programs at Destinations for Teens. In Woodland Hills, California, our addiction treatment and mental health facility helps adolescents as well as their families. The programs we offer include:

Alcohol and ADHD don’t mix, especially in teenagers. If your son or daughter is struggling with drug and alcohol dependency, reach out to our caring and friendly team. We’ll work with your family and guide your child toward a bright and full future. Call us today at 877-466-0620 for more information.