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Why Do I Have Anxiety After Drinking?

One of the common misconceptions among teens is that drinking is entirely normal and not a problem. While it’s true that many teens will experiment with alcohol, many end up struggling with alcohol abuse. Teens are much more likely to experience dependence on alcohol when they abuse it. This can lead to difficulties quitting, and a significant part of this is because teens experience anxiety after drinking.

Why Do I Have Anxiety After Drinking?

a girl worries about her anxiety after drinkingThere are a variety of reasons as to why a teen may experience anxiety after drinking, but mainly it’s dependence. Dependence happens when a person uses a substance frequently enough for the body to change its homeostasis. There comes a point where the body doesn’t know how to respond when alcohol is no longer in the system. There is a wide range of symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol, and some of the most common include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Irritability

The anxiety your teen is experiencing can come from the body going into the fight or flight mode without alcohol. When the body gets to a point where it needs alcohol to function, the brain begins to misfire when it’s gone. This can make a person feel extremely anxious as well as irritable until they drink again. This is why it’s crucial for your teen to get professional help when they’re ready to quit drinking.

Anxiety After Drinking and Mental Illness

The other primary reason teens experience anxiety when they’re done drinking is because they have an anxiety disorder. Many teens don’t know much about mental health, so they’re unaware when they’re suffering from an anxiety disorder. When teens begin self-medicating their anxiety with drinking, their brain becomes trained to want alcohol in these situations. This can intensify cravings whenever they’re not only anxious but merely nervous. For your teen to truly recover, it’s essential that they go to a teen anxiety treatment program that specializes in dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is when a person is struggling with a mental illness as well as a dependence to substance. Through anxiety treatment, your teen will learn to understand his or her anxiety and how to cope with it better. By working with trained professionals, your teen will see that they don’t need to turn to alcohol to manage their anxiety.

Anxiety Help for Teens

Destinations for Teens is a dual diagnosis treatment center that can help your teen if they have anxiety after drinking. We specialize in helping young people overcome struggles with mental illness as well as addiction through various forms of therapy. We have programs in Southern California and we’re here to help. Some of the programs we offer here at Destinations for Teens include the following:

For more information about help with anxiety after drinking, call us today at 877-466-0620.