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Anxiety Treatment

What do you do when the whole world seems to be falling apart? That is a question on everybody’s mind these days. With the stock market declining and COVID-19 cases increasing, anxiety has become a commonplace emotion. We are now facing social isolation at a time when our fears of being able to provide for our loved ones is a very real concern. Those who normally are in complete control of situations are at even higher risk than those who are already getting anxiety treatment. Feeling that you have lost all control not only causes anxiety but also leads to depression. Right now, everyone is seeking answers.

Danger Zone and Knowing When You Need Anxiety Treatment

When people become anxiety-ridden, they may experience a worsening of things like a chronic illness. This creates even more anxiety. Fear of losing your job or health, and even life, can create so much anxiety that a person’s fight-flight-freeze response kicks in. Considering the events in question today, fighting doesn’t seem possible to many, this leaves flight or freezing. One way many people choose to flee is to turn to drugs or alcohol. For those in recovery, this can undo months or even years of hard work. For those already caught up in addiction, things can become worse, especially when this is paired with the risk of COVID-19. Still, others may turn to suicide, feeling they have no other way out of the pain and confusion. What needs to occur is to recognize your own inner power to help alleviate anxiety.

Control What You Can

One of the first things you learn during anxiety treatment is to recognize what you can control and concentrate on that. While you can’t control the way the stock market is behaving, maybe you can consult with someone who can help you save what you still have and move it into a safer place for now. Following the suggestions of health experts will allow you to have a greater sense of doing what you can to avoid getting ill with COVID-19. Taking time to prepare with food and supplies will help you feel more secure. Just don’t feel the need to over-prepare, which can increase stress. If you already take medication for any mental health problems, continue to take them and make sure you know what can be done if you need to contact your counselor. Keep a regular schedule regarding eating and sleeping. Now, how do you deal with the uncontrollable?

Dealing With the Uncontrollable

Sometimes you need to concentrate on how you react to a situation because you can’t change the situation. Some things you can do to reduce anxiety include:

  • Concentrate on now. For this moment, you have food, aren’t infected by the virus, and have a home. Let tomorrow take care of itself and just see things as they are right at this moment.
  • Sleep at least seven hours a night and eat a balanced diet. A healthy body will help you deal with stress better.
  • Reach out to others for contact. Even if you must physically isolate, there are things like computers and phones to help you keep in contact with other humans.
  • Get out in nature as much as possible. Take a walk or run or sit outside and soak up some sunshine.

Seeking Anxiety Treatment at Destinations for Teens

Don’t try dealing with anxiety all alone. Especially if it is leading you to do things that put yourself or others in danger. Anxiety can make everything seem worse than it is. Reach out to Destinations for Teens and ask for help. Our experienced staff is ready to get you and your teen through these challenging times.