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Can Heroin Withdrawal Kill You?

Becoming sober is one of the best accomplishments you can ever achieve. However, it’s not easy. Anyone who has suffered from painful heroin withdrawal symptoms knows the struggles associated with overcoming addiction. And one of the greatest questions asked: “can heroin withdrawal kill you?” The short answer is no. The longer response: seek help. Destinations for Teens provides heroin addiction treatment services for young adults. If you suspect your teen suffers from heroin addiction, reach out to an experienced counselor at 877.466.0620.

Teen Heroin Use At A Glance

Teen substance abuse is an ongoing problem in the United States. According to a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics, an estimated 30.9 percent of teens who experimented with heroin developed an addiction within the first twelve months. In addition, the CDC reported that 19.8 percent of drug overdose deaths were the result of heroin use.

What Are The Signs of Teen Substance Abuse?

If you suspect your teen is using heroin, pay attention to their behavior. It is easy to identify teen heroin use as a teen’s appearance will be much different from when they are sober. Here are some signs to watch in your teen:

  • Is your teen wearing shirts with long-sleeve shirts year-round? Teens often attempt to hide their track marks by wearing a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Does your teen have constricted or very small pupils? Also known as “heroin eyes,” pupils will be droopy and may even appear bloodshot.
  • Has your teen appeared alert and then exhausted? If your teen is nodding off and falling asleep, this can also indicate heroin use.
  • Does your teen have a dry mouth? If your teen is grinding their teeth or seems to have a dry mouth, it’s time to begin talking to them about their drug use.
  • Has your teen experienced quick rapid breaths or flushed, warm skin? This, too, is associated with heroin use.

If your teen exhibits any of these signs, it is time to reach out for heroin addiction treatment. Yes, it is possible to assist your teen in withdrawing from heroin without the support of a medical team, but it is not recommended.

What Are The Symptoms Of Heroin Withdrawal?

Once the body is accustomed to an addictive substance like heroin, abruptly quitting will result in unpleasant effects. Typical heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Body aches
  • Sweating
  • Diarrhea

Symptoms will start within hours of the last dose, with the worst peaking during the first couple of days. After a week, users feel better physically, although they often feel tired.

Can Heroin Withdrawal Be Deadly?

Detoxing from any kind of opioid can be life-threatening. For this reason, the safest way to detox is under medical care. As uncomfortable as withdrawal symptoms are, they aren’t usually life-threatening. However, they are uncomfortable and painful enough to make at-home detox dangerous. It is during an at-home detox that a person begins to crave heroin while also experiencing withdrawal symptoms. To relieve their pain, they use heroin. However, now that they are clean, their body is no longer accustomed to the drug. They may return to using the same amount as they previously did, but it can be overwhelming for their body, causing an overdose and death.

Seek Heroin Addiction Treatment at Destinations for Teens

Addiction to heroin and the strain it puts on a user’s body can cause death. That is why it is recommended that teen heroin users undergo detox in a qualified facility such as Destinations for Teens. During withdrawal, the body goes through a stressful time. If an individual has any underlying medical conditions like a weak heart, a high risk for blood clots, or any other medical issue, detoxing can cause that issue to lead to complications. Medical professionals will monitor your teen’s health. Mental health professionals will also be present to support their needs of believing that they have the power not to use drugs. Interventions will ease the worst of their symptoms, making detox more comfortable. Once your teen is sober, they can move into the next phase of rehab, which includes various therapies, giving them a solid foundation for lasting recovery. Learn more by calling 877.466.0620.

Compassionate and Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment

If you’re a parent worried about your teen’s heroin use, Destinations for Teens can help. We’re an addiction treatment and mental health facility with locations throughout California. ¬†Our goal is to treat adolescents who need to overcome drug addiction. With our help, your child and your whole family can recover and heal. In addition to providing heroin addiction treatment, we also support other substance use disorders such as:

Opioid Addiction Treatment

This treatment program addresses prescription opioids as well as other forms of opioid or opiate addiction.

Residential Treatment

For patients who need round-the-clock supervision for at least 30 days, residential addiction treatment is often the best course of action.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial hospitalization is a program where patients come to our facility for most of the day but return home or to a sober living house in the evenings.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This condensed form of treatment is ideal for milder addictions requires fewer hours, and is similar to a PHP.

Outpatient Program

An outpatient program is designed for individuals who have already gone through treatment but may have relapsed or for extremely mild substance abuse.

Join Us at Destinations for Teens

We’re ready to answer all of your questions surrounding addiction treatment, including “Can heroin withdrawal kill you?” With a combination of evidence-based practices and a holistic approach, we offer families hope for recovery. Call our dedicated team 877.466.0620 and help your teen begin their journey to sobriety.