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Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

Marijuana use is quite controversial. While some people believe that the mind-altering drug is not addictive, others argue that it is indeed. But one thing is certain—teen marijuana use is something to watch. Survey results show that marijuana is more likely to be used by 82% of high school seniors than cigarettes. More results show that 32% of college students actively use marijuana, revealing that teens are introduced to the drug. Yet what is unknown is whether it is possible to overdose on weed. However, it is time to seek help if a teen is using. In Southern California, marijuana addiction treatment is available to help your teen learn how to live without dependency on drugs.

Is Marijuana Addiction Possible?

Many teens do not believe that becoming addicted to marijuana is possible. They view smoking as a way to relax and zone out. However, experts argue that marijuana is addictive and define it in the following way:

  • Consistent use even though it impacts relationships, school performance, health, and finances
  • Desiring to smoke to relax or feel normal
  • Participating in compromising behaviors to gain access to marijuana
  • Struggling to stop smoking marijuana, even when you have a desire to quit

Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

The short answer is no. Professionals agree that, unlike other drugs that can cause an overdose, users cannot have a weed overdose. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, overdosing due to marijuana use is not likely. However, it is possible to have a bad reaction to marijuana. When a teen smokes too much weed or mixes it with other chemicals, they can possibly experience side effects that would alter their mental state. These reactions include:

  • Anxiety
  • Bodily coordination issues
  • Hallucinations
  • High blood pressure
  • Psychotic thoughts
  • Rapid heart rate and breathing

While a marijuana overdose is considered not possible, it is possible for a teen to die due to smoking. Here’s why—marijuana is a mind-altering drug. When a teen smokes and then decides to drive, they are under the influence and are unable to think clearly. This impairment can lead to accidents, which can be deadly.

Navigating a Bad Reaction to Weed

Marijuana addiction is real. When teens smoke too much or mix with other substances such as cocaine, they react differently. These reactions might feel like a weed overdose, but their bodies merely respond too much. The best way to handle this is to follow these steps:

  • Try to relax and avoid further stimulation. There’s not much worse than anxiety, but your teen can lie down and remind themselves that they will be alright. Turn off the television, music, or video games.
  • Eat food. Feeling nauseous when a teen has a bad reaction is not uncommon. A simple snack will help them to continue to relax and refocus.
  • Drink water. Smoking marijuana often leaves teens with a dry mouth. They might get dehydrated if they experience vomiting due to a bad reaction. Having access to water will help them relax their body and focus on wellness.
  • Sleep. Taking a breath nap will help relax the body while waiting for a reaction to end.

While an overdose on marijuana is not possible, it is essential to understand how somebody will respond to smoking marijuana. Teens should pay attention to how their bodies respond to marijuana—especially when mixing it with other substances. In addition, teens need to be aware of the fact that other substances can cause an overdose. For instance, mixing cocaine with marijuana, often called “tranq,” has been known to cause fatalities.

You Can’t Overdose Weed, But You Can Get Addiction Support at Destinations for Teens

Smoking marijuana might seem like it is harmless, but it is not. Although many people will argue that marijuana is not addictive, experts have shown clear indications of abuse in smokers. And while a marijuana overdose is unlikely, there are moments when a teen smoker will have a bad reaction after smoking. At Destinations for Teens, our marijuana addiction treatment program will help adolescents learn how to navigate life without depending on substances such as alcohol or drugs. Through medical and mental health support, teens can gain the confidence to live without smoking marijuana. And even more significant—they will know that while an overdose on marijuana is impossible, addiction is possible and needs to be managed. Contact us at 877.466.0620 to begin the journey to recovery.