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How to Learn Coping Skills for Depression

Have you noticed that your teen has been feeling hopeless or exceedingly negative when talking? Depression in this age group is more common than many parents believe. There are several coping skills for depression. Here’s what you need to know.

What Happens If You Do Nothing?

A distressed teen in need of coping skills for depressionDepression isn’t a phase that a teen outgrows. It’s a serious condition that requires intervention. Causes of depression vary. There may be situations of peer pressure that your teen doesn’t know how to handle. Some teens realize that their first forays into romance aren’t what they thought they would be. Academic pressure and failure can lead to some cases of depression, as well as external situations, such as problems in the home or financial worries. If your teen has to handle these conditions alone, it could be a recipe for disaster. Some teens with depression make bad life choices. They include early marriages, drug abuse, and self-harm. Others may attempt suicide. Teens may also run away in the hope of getting away from problems.

Finding Coping Skills for Depression

There’s no cure-all, but there are ways of dealing with the thoughts and feelings that depression brings. One of the most effective coping skills for depression is journaling. Give your teen an opportunity to express feelings, ideas, and a host of emotions in writing. You should also help your teen develop a regular sleeping schedule. Having a rested body makes a significant difference in the way someone feels. The same is true for nutritious meals. Have healthy snacks and meals at home to encourage good nutritional choices. Finally, one of the best coping skills for depression is to help your teen reduce stress. It may be best to let go of an extracurricular activity or drop a class if a schedule is hectic. Encourage your teen’s participation in enjoyable outings with the family or exercise. Most importantly, enlist the help of a therapist for depression treatment.

Mental Health Treatment for Teens is Just Around the Corner

Coping skills are invaluable tools for handling the symptoms of a mood disorder. However, they’re not enough in the long run. Professional intervention is a necessity. At a treatment center that focuses on helping teenagers, therapists can customize an approach that can help manage with your teen’s depression. Examples of therapeutic interventions include:

  • One-on-one talk therapy that helps your teen pinpoint the situations that make it difficult to feel happy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which makes it possible to replace dysfunctional patterns with healthy ones
  • Family therapy that invites you to join the treatment process and learn how to support your teen’s healing
  • Yoga and mindfulness training that provide opportunities for minimizing fear and anxiety

Give your teen the tools they need to develop individualized coping skills for depression. Doing so can prevent the youngster from making life choices that come with undesirable consequences. At Destinations for Teens, you work with therapists who specialize in helping young people. Call 877-466-0620 today for immediate assistance.