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Dangers of Lean: Teen Codeine Use Explained

Have you ever heard your teen discussing ‘Purple Drink’ or ‘Lean’? Chances are, they were talking about a dangerous concoction that combines cough syrup with other ingredients. Known as “Lean,” this drink has gained popularity due to rap and pop stars such as Lil Wayne and Justin Beiber. While Lil Wayne and Beiber may have made Lean appear like a fun drink, users have serious, long-lasting effects. A teen codeine addiction treatment program will help the young adult in your life learn positive coping mechanisms so that they can become and remain sober. If you are a parent of a teen and wondering: what are the dangers of lean? Destinations for Teens can help you. Our team of addiction treatment specialists will provide you and your teen with the support needed to navigate the recovery process. Contact us at 877.466.0620 for more information about the dangers of lean and steps toward sobriety.

What is Lean?

Lean combines prescription cough medicine containing an antihistamine or codeine with Sprite and Jolly Ranchers. This concoction is often called sizzurp and is commonly drunk out of a styrofoam cup. A recent study found that codeine is often misrepresented as a party drug due to being mixed with other ingredients to create lean. This misrepresentation is often present on Instagram through images taken at electronic dance music parties.

What Are The Dangers of Lean?

Teen codeine use, especially in Lean, is widespread. According to the Monitoring the Future survey, an estimated 3.2 percent of high school seniors abused prescription or over-the-counter cough or cold medicine. While this data is not revealing a large-scale problem, it should help you realize that posing the question: what are the dangers of lean? It is an important one that deserves to be answered. Lean is considered dangerous because it is improperly using codeine cough medicine. Codeine is an opioid drug much like morphine, oxycodone, and heroin. When used appropriately, codeine can relieve pain. However, when teens misuse codeine by mixing it with other substances, it can cause a teen’s heart rate and breathing rate to change drastically. In addition, ingesting large doses of codeine can cause an overdose. Finally, lean can lead to other impairments such as:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Vision loss
  • Hallucinations
  • Memory Loss
  • Seizures

Prolonged use of lean will lead to users developing a high tolerance and ultimately an addiction that will lead to more significant challenges.

How To Help Your Teen Abusing Codeine

If you realize your teen is drinking Lean, you need to take action. You can begin by asking questions such as what is lean? This question will allow your teen to define what they are drinking, and then you can lead to larger questions that need to be answered, such as what are the dangers of lean? Both of these questions will allow you to begin an open dialogue with your teen about the horrors of drug addiction and possible overdose. Remember that your teen needs your love and support now more than ever. Try not to be judgemental in your discussions. Instead, show compassion and find professionals that can truly help them through this difficult time.

Destinations for Teens Provides Codeine Addiction Treatment

Teen codeine use is widespread because it provides users with a relaxed, calming effect similar to heroin and other opioids. However, overusing codeine, especially as Lean, has many consequences, such as long-term addiction and, in some cases, death. Destinations for Teens’ comprehensive treatment programs all include supportive professionals who are willing and able to guide your teen through the recovery process. Call us today at 877.466.0620 to learn how to support your teen’s substance use disorder effectively.