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3 Benefits of Teen Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Doctors prescribe Vicodin to treat moderate pain. The drug is also popular amongst teens who use it to get high. And although Vicodin has a relaxing feeling for users, it is also highly addictive. This addictive drug leaves teens relying on an opioid to cope with their emotional triggers. If your teen uses Vicodin recreationally, it is time to seek help. Vicodin addiction treatment in Southern California will provide the support needed to help your teen live without a substance use disorder. Teens often believe they can stop using substances such as drugs or alcohol anytime. However, Vicodin and other drugs are highly addictive, leaving teen users frustrated and unable to stop using as their physical and psychological dependency is too great. That’s why there are so many benefits of teen Vicodin addiction treatment.

3 Benefits of Inpatient Vicodin Rehab

Deciding to attend rehab can be challenging. Teens must understand that their ability to make poor decisions will no longer be possible. Instead, they will face their fear and learn the discipline to remain clean. Here are three Vicodin treatment benefits that will support teens through withdrawal and healing:

  1. Monitored medical support – When teens stop using Vicodin or any other opioid, their bodies naturally react negatively. They will experience several withdrawal symptoms such as aches, chills, vomiting, and nausea. When undergoing supervised medical withdrawal, teens will be provided with a customized regimen to support their journey through the detox phase.
  2. Therapy options – Substance abuse is typically associated with emotional triggers that need to be managed. Through individual, group, and creative therapy practices, teens will discover that they have the power to fight the urge to use drugs to numb their pain. Working with trained therapists will allow teens the opportunity to realize that they are not alone and will empower them to change.
  3. Support with education – When teens enroll in an inpatient rehabilitation program, they will have access to academics that will not allow them to fall behind in their regular school. In addition, they will be able to focus solely on learning to live substance-free.

There are more Vicodin treatment benefits, but the three mentioned will support a teen through the withdrawal period and the inpatient treatment period, helping them to heal their minds and bodies.

Long-Term Benefits for Vicodin Addiction Recovery

In addition to the rehabilitation benefits, there are others as well. Two more benefits of getting treatment for Vicodin use are:

  • No opportunity to relapse – While a teen is enrolled in an inpatient treatment program, they will have the chance to only focus on themselves and their recovery. There will be no opportunities to use drugs because none will be available. Instead, teens will have 24 hours of support and supervision.
  • Focus on healing the mind and body – To truly rid a body of Vicodin or any other substance, a teen will need time, space, and support. An inpatient program will provide those who attend therapy and school and focus on healing themselves.

Get All the Benefits of Opioid Treatment with Destinations for Teens

Do not ignore the problem if your teen is using prescription opioids such as Vicodin. The longer you allow your teen to use Vicodin, the greater the potential for a substance use disorder to develop. If left untreated, Vicodin addiction is detrimental to one’s health and wellbeing, as defined by WebMD. At Destinations for Teens, our opioid addiction treatment program will provide the support necessary to lead a life without substances such as drugs or alcohol. Vicodin treatment will benefit not only your teen but also your family. You will learn to help them deal with their substance use disorder lovingly. Contact Destinations for Teens at 877.466.0620 to get started.