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5 Benefits of Teen Self-Harm Addiction Treatment

Scratching, punching, cutting, and hitting oneself with objects are all examples of self-harm, as identified by SAMHSA. Also known as self-injury, teens purposefully hurt themselves when they participate in this type of behavior. When teens inflict self-harm on themselves, they exhibit a sign of emotional distress. As this behavior continues, it can lead to an addiction. A self-harm addiction treatment in California will support your teen in dealing with their affliction to self-injury. If you believe that the teen in your life is hurting themselves, your family needs help. There are many benefits of teen self-harm addiction treatment. However, it is up to parents and adolescents to take the necessary steps to find the right program. Destinations for Teens offers comprehensive support. Contact us at 877.466.0620 to learn about our self-harm rehab.

What Is Self-Harm Addiction Treatment?

A teen that participates in self-injury needs help. The action of scratching, cutting, hitting, or burning oneself does not happen by chance. Instead, it is a sign that a teen is upset about something and is crying out for help.

  • In a self-harm addiction treatment program, there are many ways to support teens. Here are some options associated with self-harm rehab:
  • Inpatient program – A self-harm treatment program offered seven days per week.
  • Intensive outpatient – A program offered six to seven hours per day. Participants will remain in their homes and attend their program for a specific period.
  • Individual therapy – Works to ensure that emotional triggers are acknowledged.
  • Group therapy and creative therapy – Different therapies provide teens with the space to share their experiences with others.

5 Benefits of Self-Harm Addiction Treatment

Getting your teen to quit independently is not the best, especially without a caregiver present. The best way to undergo a treatment program is to be under the care of a medical provider and psychologists. Here are five benefits of attending a self-harm addiction treatment program:

  1. No distractions – In an inpatient program, teens will live in a facility for some time. Being in a space with no distractions is advantageous; teens have nothing to consider doing if they do not want to.
  2. Professional staff – Medical practitioners such as psychiatrists, registered nurses, clinical social workers, expressive therapists, and other behavioral staff members provide around-the-clock support.
  3. Access to various types of therapy – In an inpatient program, you have access to individual, group, and creative therapy sessions. These sessions will help teens navigate their personal experiences and understand why they began self-harming.
  4. No interruptions to school progress – When teens are trying to decide if they should do an inpatient or outpatient rehab program, they may be concerned about their schoolwork. In an inpatient program, teachers are present to facilitate discussions and understand concepts, allowing teens not to remain uninterrupted in their educational studies.
  5. Learn to manage emotions – Deciding to self-injure means that teens are out of control with their feelings. Working with a therapist helps teens realize that they are exhibiting anxiety and depression that needs to be resolved. Teens will focus on healing the mind and body.

Self-Harm Rehab at Destinations for Teens Supports Wellness

Participating in harmful behaviors such as self-injury is a cry for help. Although it may seem like the person wants attention, it’s much deeper than that idea. When you consider how to help a teen, always consider the benefits of a teen self-harm addiction treatment program. In an addiction treatment program, your teen can access medical staff, clinical therapists, and others who will all support their physical and psychological needs. At Destinations for Teens, we understand the unique needs of adolescents—especially when dealing with self-harm. To learn more about the benefits of self-harm addiction treatment, contact us at 877.466.0620.