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How to Deal with Holiday Depression

The holiday season can be a happy time for so many people. There are dinners, endless get-togethers, gift swapping, and finally, the toast to a new year. But for many teens, the holidays can also be stressful, anxiety-inducing, and in some cases, depressing. Teen depression is common during the holiday season–there are pressures associated with school, extracurricular activities, and feeling obligated to provide gifts to family and friends. If your teen is struggling with depression, reach out to Destinations for Teens 877.466.0620 to learn about our treatment programs.  Recent reports released by Mental Health America revealed that 64 percent of people reported feeling impacted by the holidays, which led to their depression. Family strife, financial burdens, and unhealed trauma can all cause stress during the holidays.

Signs of Teen Depression During the Holidays 

It is common for teens to become withdrawn, irritable, or find it difficult to get out of bed. They are undergoing physical and mental transitions as they move from adolescence to adulthood. These changes may seem amplified during the holidays. However, as a parent, you should pay attention to the possibility of teen depression being present. If your teen exhibits the following symptoms, they may be experiencing depression:

  • Extreme moodiness 
  • Excessive crying 
  • Being irrationally angry 
  • Consistent irritability 
  • Sensitivity to criticism 
  • Self-isolating from friends and family 
  • Lashing out at people

Talk to Your Teen About Holiday Depression 

If your teen is experiencing holiday depression, providing support can help ensure they do not turn to alcohol or drugs to numb their depression. Instead, talk to your teen. When teens feel depressed, it is not common for them to reach out for help. Instead, they may feel embarrassed to seek help. They might also believe that they should solve their depression on their own because no one has the expertise to help them. And even worse, teens might believe that you cannot help them. If you suspect your teen is struggling with depression, ask them to describe how they are feeling. Questions that you can ask your teen are: 

  • What would make them feel better? 
  • How can you help them manage their feelings? 
  • How can you help them feel better immediately? 

As you get your teen to share their feelings, make sure that you listen to their responses. By listening, you can provide support. Feel free to share that other people experience depression–especially during the holidays. Encourage your teen to share their feelings and not believe that they need to be embarrassed by their depression. Finally, you can reassure your teen that you are concerned with their emotional wellbeing and want them to feel good about themselves. Helping them will in no way cause conflict or problems–if anything, you will be strengthening your relationship. 

Seek A Teen Depression Treatment Program with Destinations For Teens 

Speaking and listening to your teen discuss their holiday depression is just the first step. The next step: finding the best depression treatment program to support your teen’s needs. Destinations for Teens’ depression treatment program includes: 

  • Dual diagnosis treatment for teens using drugs or alcohol to medicate their depression 
  • Outpatient and residential treatment facilities to support teens living with depression 
  • Individual, group, and family therapy 
  • FDA-approved medicine to treat teen depression when needed
  • Lifestyle changes such as diet improvement, exercise, and activity-based therapy programs

At Destinations for Teens, your teen will receive guidance and support so that they can learn to manage their depression. The treatments provided at our facilities will be present to support teens dealing with not only holiday depression but also general depression. Contact us 877.466.0620 to help your teen overcome their depression.