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National LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week

National LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week is meant to highlight the difficulties that many in the community have regarding getting treatment for health, addiction, and mental health issues. Existing LGBTQIA+ health disparities mean that individuals often run into problems with discrimination, having their partnerships recognized, and finding resources that allow them to get the help they need. Access to help for substance abuse is especially important since individuals in that group are at a higher risk of developing an addiction. At Destinations for Teens, we welcome individuals with a diverse array of gender identities and lifestyles into our progress-centered and inclusive recovery community.

The Struggles of LGBTQIA+ Individuals in Finding Addiction Help

While there have been promising signs of a growing acceptance for LGBTQIA+ individuals, many still encounter various levels of homophobia and discrimination when they try to get help for substance abuse and other health problems. It may come from their families, those they work with, or casual acquaintances. Some in the community can be hesitant to seek out help for LGBTQIA+ health concerns. They may be afraid of being confronted with bullying behavior or harassment. The potential of becoming a victim of a hate crime is another reason why many try to manage their problems in silence. Many LGBTQIA+ community members keep their sexual identity hidden to avoid facing those issues. That can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and heightened anxiety, which can exacerbate mental health or substance abuse problems. Teenagers can be especially vulnerable because they are emotionally still trying to work out who they are in a world that can be harsh to those perceived as different.

What Kind of Problems Do LGBTQIA+ Individuals Deal With?

Many LGBT individuals who could benefit from treatment never get the help they need. They may be struggling with issues like:

Those in the LGBTQIA+ group with untreated disorders may indulge in behavior that puts them at risk for contracting illnesses like hepatitis or HIV/AIDS. Minorities can face additional barriers and stigmas that make them hesitant to seek out help. Individuals in that group may face an extra layer of racism from those within their own community.

What Is National LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week?

National LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week came about in 2003 because of a growing awareness of the LGBTQIA+ health disparities that have devastating consequences for members of that group. It occurs during the last week of March and spotlights the need to help LGBTQIA+ individuals struggling with issues like mental illness and addiction. Getting help to LGBTQIA+ teens can be critical to helping them learn to navigate life healthily. Destination For Teens welcomes teens provides a nurturing atmosphere where teens can feel safe from discrimination. Every one of our clients receives personalized care as they work on their recovery journey. The goal is to save lives by looking out for the well-being of the young people left in our charge. They receive access to a comprehensive suite of therapy and educational services. Destination For Teens also helps families learn skills that help them improve communication with their teen while getting some much-needed support. The services and programs made available through Destinations For Teens include:

Get LGBTQIA+ Support at Destinations For Teens

National LGBTQIA+ Week is a great way of highlighting those topics and raising awareness around the problems many in the LGBTQIA+ community face when it comes to healthcare. Coming of age while working out issues of sexual identity is often challenging. It can be especially difficult for teens who have addiction issues or are struggling with mental health problems. Destinations For Teens offers clients a path forward to a healthier life. Please find out more about the programs and services provided through our facility by calling 877.466.0620.