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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

LGBTQIA+ Support Services for Teens in CA

The teenage years are an important time in a young adult’s development. They are growing in their understanding of the world. And, they are also learning about the importance of their identity. For some teens, it can be as simple as identifying themselves by what they enjoy. Yet, for others, it will mean exerting the confidence to acknowledge their difference –in sexuality and gender orientation. Destinations for Teens understand that young adults in the LGBTQIA+ community need additional guidance. Our LGBTQIA+ support services for teens are inclusive, supportive spaces. Contact 877.466.0620 to understand how our team of professionals can help your teen feel confident in their lives.

What Challenges Do LGBTQIA+ Teens Face?

Although social norms are evolving and many people in society accept different lifestyles, LGBTQIA+ teens still face many challenges that they have to learn to overcome. These challenges fall into two categories:

  • External Struggles. There are many environments where being LGBTQIA+ is not accepted. Some schools and communities still show outright discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) revealed that 32 percent of high school students self-identifying as LGBTQIA+ had experienced bullying while attending school, while another 26 percent have experienced cyberbullying. Also, teens can be rejected by their families and friends due to their identity. While some people might discriminate by deciding not to socialize with an LGBTQIA+ teen, others might resort to making derogatory statements or resorting to physical violence.
  • Internal Struggles. All teens are learning and developing their understanding of themselves. And it is not always easy for any teen. For LGBTQIA+ teens, there is a constant sense of anxiety and stress related to their sexual and/or gender identity. And they also feel a sense of fear due to social norms in their environment. The fear and anxiety present are related to feeling valued and welcomed in a space.

Addiction Support In An Inclusive Environment

The internal and external challenges LGBTQIA+ teens often face can lead to depression, anxiety, and stress. These emotions can lead to teens using drugs or alcohol to mask their pain. And while self-medicating can make teens feel an immediate sense of relaxation, their challenges will still be present when the high is over. Addiction treatment is one of the LGBTQIA+ support services that can help teens learn how to acknowledge and be proud of their identities while also positively understanding how to deal with their triggers. Teens can receive support in the following ways:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment to support substance use disorder and mental health challenges
  • Individual therapy sessions that will help teens acknowledge the triggers that make them use drugs or alcohol
  • Group therapy sessions that integrate creativity and self-expression. These therapies might include art, music, yoga, dance, and surfing.
  • Education programs so that teens do not miss school while attending residential treatment
  • Aftercare services to help teens remain in recovery.

Addiction support will allow your teen to manage the internal and external struggles they face. They will also be in an affirming space with professionals who can guide them and peers who will encourage them to remain strong and be confident in their identities.

Destinations for Teens Offers An Enriching, Supportive Environment For LGBTQIA+ Teens

All young adults need to feel valued and affirmed. Our programs help young adults build their self-esteem to fully accept their identity. Being proud and confident will allow teens to be prepared for the next stage of their lives: adulthood. Destinations for Teens offers various LGBTQIA+ support services in a safe and inclusive environment. Teens learn to develop positive relationships while also developing life skills that will support them throughout their lives. Contact 877.466.0620 to discover how our affirming addiction support services can assist your teen at this critical time in their development.