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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Mental Health Awareness Month

When someone has a physical issue or disorder, it’s hard for people not to notice. Many times, the individual’s pain and suffering are apparent. However, with a mental disorder, the individual suffers in silence. We sometimes forget how lucky we are that depression and anxiety are but temporary issues in our lives. That’s not the case with someone who has to live with a mental disorder every day. The great thing about Mental Health Awareness Month is it also reminds us people are suffering in the world around us, sometimes without knowing it.

Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

Every year, many top mental health organizations in the US, including some government agencies, sponsor mental health month events. Mental Health Awareness Month is held in May, and this year is no exception. During the Mental Health Awareness Month festivities, doctors, hospitals, and psychiatric organizations will be sponsoring events around the nation. Of course, many of these events will offer free mental health screenings and provide information about mental health issues. Mental health month is also an excellent time for people to learn about available treatment options and resources. In the end, Mental Health Awareness Month strives to bring us together as a community to help combat mental health issues.

Mental Health Programs for California Teens

In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, Destinations for Teens wants to bring awareness to mental health issues that affect adolescents. As the most vulnerable people in our society, our youth has to deal with eating disorders, addictions, and psychiatric issues like schizophrenia. These disorders can be very trying on our young people. The good news is treatment centers like ours exist to help combat these issues. We do so proudly because every teen is a potential leader of tomorrow. During Mental Health Month, we will do our part to help teens overcome addiction and psychological issues in the following programs:

  • Mental health treatment program – Our commitment to integrity also means that we are very careful with initial contact with our new clients, as there is always a strong probability that teen substance addiction is intertwined with more complex mental health disorders. This is normal for many teens in recovery, and therefore we are ready to give whatever help we can, regardless of where the treatment takes us. At DFT, teens can start the next chapter of their lives. 
  • Dual diagnosis program – This is standard practice at Destinations for Teens. Even if your daughter or son does not present with a more complex mental health disorder, we always include baseline mental health treatment in our customized programs. We understand that clinical treatment of substance abuse alone will almost certainly lead to relapse.

Treatment Options at Destinations for Teens

We get the opportunity to deal with a large population of teens. Our goal is to use our treatment resources to help every client learn how to cope with their mental issues or disorders. If we do our job correctly, the communities in which we operate will benefit from our successes. Our services include:

You do not have to wait for Mental Health Awareness Month to get your teen help. In fact, the sooner, the better. You have it in your power to mitigate or eliminate your child’s suffering. All it’s going to take for you to get them started in treatment is one phone call. You can contact one of our Destinations for Teens professional staff members at the following toll-free number, 877.466.0620.