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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Mindfulness Activities for Teens

A significant issue with addicted teens is their propensity for self-absorption. They tend to get caught up in their own pain and emotions, often resulting in the need to self-medicate. When someone has a distorted view of themselves, the best way to help them is to get them to refocus on reality. Mindfulness therapy is a favorite treatment technique counselors like to use with teenagers. At our Destinations for Teens treatment facilities, we employ the use of mindfulness activities for teens.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a form of treatment that promotes individuals connecting with their real inner-most feelings and emotions. In dealing with addiction treatment for teens, kids enter the facility confused and perplexed about their need to abuse substances. If treatment is going to have a chance for success, then each individual needs to be able to focus on their own reality. Therapists can initiate mindfulness through meditation or also by getting the client to focus on their consciousness. Of course, the ultimate goal of mindfulness treatment is to train the client to be non-reactive towards the onset of changes in their feelings and emotions.

Mindfulness Activities for Teens

To better control the mindfulness process, counselors will organize a set of activities in either an individual or group setting. Each activity addresses some aspect of training the individual to improve their overall self-awareness. With that in mind, let’s then look at how we implement our mindfulness therapy for teens in Los Angeles. For example, our list of mindfulness activities for teens includes:

  • Breathing exercises – As the client breathes deep, slow breathes, we ask them to experience the breath entering their bodies
  • Listening exercises – In a group setting, clients talk and listen. We ask them to connect to what is being said and what they believe it means
  • Observation exercises – Have the client look intensely at something outside or in the room and explain how it makes them feel
  • Body scan – a thoughtful exploration of one’s body. This includes exploring sensations and how they relate to the client’s emotional state

Other Treatment Modalities at Destinations for Teens

In our arsenal of treatment options, we also place a lot of focus on evidence-based and holistic treatment methods. This is our way of making sure we treat the whole individual and not just the addiction. For example, here are a few of our treatment options:

If your teen is dealing with an addiction, you need to formulate a plan of attack to help. At our Destinations for Teens facility in Woodland Hills, we specialize in treating adolescents. For more information about treatment options like mindfulness activities for teens, you can call us anytime. Our representatives are currently standing by at the following toll-free number, 877-466-0620.