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Mixing Adderall and Alcohol

It’s extremely unlikely there’s even a single doctor out there that would approve of mixing alcohol with any drug. It’s a simple matter of logic and good sense. That would certainly apply to mixing a stimulant like Adderall and alcohol. Unfortunately, the world has people who choose to continuously tempt fate by doing what they probably know they shouldn’t do. If you are wondering why mixing Adderall and alcohol is so dangerous, you should read the following information.

The Dangers Related to the Mixture of Adderall and Alcohol

While Adderall acts as a stimulant and alcohol a depressive, they can act in conjunction to cause significant issues. Also, they are both addictive substances. Let’s take a look at a couple of the reasons mixing Adderall and alcohol is so dangerous. When someone starts abusing Adderall, their intention is to stimulant their system and create extra energy. If the individual is also drinking alcohol, the alcohol will act to dull the effect of the stimulant. This will likely result in the individual taking bigger as well as more frequent doses of the stimulant. That exposes them to two different issues. First, it increases the likelihood of an overdose. Yes, it is then possible to overdose on Adderall. By the way, teens are notorious for mixing these two substances. The second issue relates to a side effect from stimulants. Stimulants can be very hard on the human heart. If someone is taking too much of these substances, it increases the possibility of heart problems. That’s not going to end well if the individual continues such behavior for long periods of time Finally, addiction to either substance is always a possibility. Anytime someone is taking too much of a substance too frequently, their body is going to form a dependence on the said substance. Clearly, people should view the combination of Adderall and alcohol as a real no-no

Treatment of Adderall Addiction

When an Adderall addiction becomes evident, the addiction sufferer is going to need professional health. The only viable treatment would be from an Adderall addiction treatment center in California. The treatment process might include a detox program if the rehab facility’s medical staff determines the addiction is significant. At all costs, the rehab facility needs to make sure the client is always safe. After detox, the client will get an opportunity to address the nature of their addiction. While working with a therapist, they will be seeking the truth about their addiction. The details they learn should enable them to develop coping mechanisms they can use to stave off relapses.

Destinations for Teens – Dealing With Teen Substance Abuse Issues

At Destinations for Teens, we choose to focus solely on the welfare of the nation’s youth. Teens have particular issues that make them vulnerable to addictive behavior. To battle these issues, we provide a wide range of addiction treatment options that include:

If your teen exhibits behavior that’s consistent with addiction, Adderall and alcohol might be the culprits. Regardless of the substance, your teen needs help from a reputable addiction treatment center like Destinations for Teens. If we can be of service, please give us a call at 877.466.0620.