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Recognizing National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018

December has been deemed National Impaired Driving Prevention Month since 1981. Community leaders, health care providers, educators, and parents strive to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving and promote responsible alcohol usage. Celebrating National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018 with teenagers can involve education, volunteer work, and support.

U.S. Impaired Driving Statistics

A woman thinks about how to recognize national impaired driving prevention month 2018About 29 people die every day in automobile incidents that involve alcohol impairment. Police arrested more than 1 million people in 2016 for driving while intoxicated by alcohol or opioids. However, 111 million drivers say that they’ve been behind the wheel after drinking too much, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, for drivers ages 21 or older is 0.08 in most states, many states are trying to lower the limit. Young people are more likely to be involved in a crash with any alcohol in their system. In many states, police can charge drivers who are younger than the legal drinking age with a DUI with a BAC of 0.02 or lower.

Why Is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018 in December?

Motor vehicle deaths involving alcohol increase between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. During this period, youth and adults may be more likely to attend festivities that include alcohol. If they don’t designate a driver or plan ahead so that they don’t have to drive, they may get behind the wheel. Observing National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018 in December gives concerned citizens a chance to bring the devastating drunk driving statistics to light. It also encourages people to celebrate safely and supports those who have lost a loved one to impaired driving.

How to Observe National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018

If you have a teenager, it’s important to discuss the dangers of impaired driving. This doesn’t always involve alcohol. People should not drive when they’re under the influence of any mind-altering substance, including prescription medications. Driving while exhausted or distracted can also be dangerous. The best way to model safe behavior is to avoid driving after consuming alcohol or taking drugs. Get a friend, taxi, or ride-share service to drive you home if you plan to drink at a holiday party, and explain the importance of doing so to your kids. If you’re hosting a party, serve non-alcoholic beverages. Make sure that every guest leaves with a sober driver. People who are struggling with alcohol abuse may use this time to revisit their dedication to recovery. Attending support group meetings may be especially helpful during this time. You might even want to volunteer your time to help others who are having trouble with addiction. At Destinations for Teens, we understand how difficult it is to manage alcohol use in a world in which it’s so pervasive. Our teen alcohol addiction treatment program provides professional intervention to help your child develop healthy ways of coping to manage the unique pressures of adolescence. We offer the following types of treatment, all of which focus on teenagers and their families:

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