teens struggle with social media addiction

Signs Your Teen Has a Social Media Addiction

It’s hard for anyone to get through the day without relying on the internet. We use it for research, paying bills, and work. Teens often turn to social media to interact with their friends during the pandemic. It’s also become the primary entertainment option for young people. However, some find themselves unable to pull themselves…

two women celebrate the national day of silence

Observing the National Day of Silence 

Teens who are starting to figure out where they fit along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum may find themselves feeling alienated from their peers and even their family. That kind of isolation can drive them to seek out drugs and alcohol as a form of relief. That can make the symptoms of already existing problems like depression…

someone is asked to get alcohol addiction screening for addiction

Get Help for Alcohol Addiction on National Screening Day

When you’re young, it can seem impossible to get someone to listen to you. Many teens turn to alcohol to deal with depression and other issues that seem to dominate their lives. While alcohol abuse rates have steadily declined among teens over the past few decades, it remains an issue that threatens that age group’s…

a woman recognizes her teen anxiety

Signs of Teen Anxiety

Many teens experience intense emotions due to hormone changes, high stress, and academic pressures. Yet, teen anxiety is more complicated. Parents may find it challenging for those with teen anxiety symptoms to know when a real mental health disorder is present. By providing proper help for teen anxiety, it is possible to help them become…

a woman struggles with teen vaping

Actions You Can Take to Help Protect Teens from Vaping

Cigarettes used to be the primary vice among teenagers when it came to tobacco use. However, additional options like vaping pens make it possible for teens to consume tobacco in other ways. Starting a nicotine addiction at a young age makes it more likely that your child may carry that habit over into adulthood. Destinations…

a teen vaping stands with his hood up

Teens & Vaping

While vaping is more culturally accepted than smoking cigarettes, this doesn’t mean it’s safer. Vape use by teens has skyrocketed in recent years due to advertising, peer pressure, and stress. Many of the side effects of vaping (also known as e-cigarettes) are not well known because vaping technology is still relatively new. One thing is…

a couple holds hands for lgbt health and awareness

National LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week

National LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week is meant to highlight the difficulties that many in the community have regarding getting treatment for health, addiction, and mental health issues. Existing LGBTQIA+ health disparities mean that individuals often run into problems with discrimination, having their partnerships recognized, and finding resources that allow them to get the help they…

a woman recognizes her depression symptoms

Recognizing the Signs You May Be Depressed

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc throughout the U.S. and the world. Normal routines like going to school and work got disrupted, resulting in many people ending up in social isolation, away from those they relied on for vital daily connections. Many teenagers felt the impact of safety restrictions, participating in virtual learning in a…