a teen thinks about male anxiety

How Anxiety Manifests in Teen Boys

People often worry about different aspects of life, especially teenagers adjusting to internal and external changes. It’s one thing to have concerns about when everything seems hectic and complicated. It’s another thing entirely when those worries start consuming your existence. Male anxiety can present different symptoms than those seen in females. Teen anxiety can be hard for…

THC Edibles

Dangers of THC Edibles

Foods and snacks developed with cannabis are known as edibles. They can be used for medical and recreational purposes. It is important for people to only take the prescribed dose. For those with teens engaging in marijuana edibles and with the signs of addiction, it is critical to seek help. At Destinations for Teens, there…

a woman thinks about self injury awareness day

Self-Injury Awareness Day

Self-Injury Awareness Day is recognized internationally on March 1st. The event brings awareness about the prevalence of self-harm among individuals. Past research has shown that up to 4% of adults and 15% of adolescents acted out some form of self-harm. The increased self-injury rates among young people have caused Destination for Teens to address the issue. What…

Common Street Drugs

Common Drug Street Names

Drug slang changes often. Drug street names tend to be one of the most effective ways for teens to hide what they are doing and using in text messages and conversations with friends. As a parent, it is helpful to understand all of these drug nicknames to fully understand what’s happening. For many teens using…

Teen Experiencing Depression

4 Signs of Depression in Teens

Teen depression isn’t normal. It is not healthy nor normal for teens to exhibit clinical depression symptoms, even though they may be moody and find it difficult to express themselves. For parents who see the signs of depression in their teenager’s behavior and actions, it is essential to seek treatment. Destinations for Teens can provide…

Black Father & Son Practicing Self-Care

Celebrating Black History Month in 2021

During Black History Month, we pay homage to African Americans who have made significant contributions to our country. Famous names such as Harriett Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Frederick Douglass probably come to mind. During Black History Month in 2021, Destinations for Teens would like to take the opportunity…

Teen Abusing Cough Medicine

Cough Medicine Abuse

Many parents don’t recognize the signs of cough medicine abuse in their teens. Yet, as one of the most accessible types of drugs that can cause a high, it is something teens seek out. Often called sizzurp or purple drank, this type of use can create addiction as well as addictive tendencies that follow a…

Teen Enrolling In Partial Hospitalization Program

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs for Teens

It is vital for teenagers to take care of their mental health. Furthermore, it is not unusual for teenagers to develop behavioral problems. According to information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between seven and eight percent of teenagers suffer from a behavioral health issue of some sort. This may also…