A doctor explains what is intensive outpatient program participation like to a teen girl

What Is Intensive Outpatient Program Participation Like?

If your son or daughter is struggling with an addiction or mental health issues, you may feel lost and confused. Through your research, it may be difficult to decide which type of treatment program would suit your child best. The first thing to realize is that many young people struggle with mental health issues, but…

header for am I an alcoholic infographic

Am I an Alcoholic? [Infographic]

While all teen drinking is problematic, how do you know if you’re just experimenting versus developing a significant issue? If you’re wondering, “am I an alcoholic,” you probably know that alcohol is starting to have negative impacts on your life. To see if you have a problem, learn more about the signs and symptoms of…

Teen boys do yoga after asking what is yoga therapy

What Is Yoga Therapy?

There’s more to addiction and mental health treatment than just traditional therapy. In fact, many holistic therapy options such as yoga can aid people in recovery. However, what is yoga therapy, and what benefits does it offer? The more that you know, the easier that it is to understand why mental health centers incorporate it…

A teen smokes marijuana in an alley to represent the signs of marijuana addiction

3 Signs of Marijuana Addiction in Teens

Marijuana addiction is real. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana can be addictive. Of course, this finding contradicts what many parents and teenagers believe. However, recognizing the signs of marijuana addiction can help teens understand the importance of seeking help. Marijuana Use In Teens: Statistics Research shows that marijuana is the most…

A sad teen thinks about common myths about suicide

Common Myths About Suicide

Suicide. Just hearing this word can evoke a range of emotions. For many people, the initial reaction to hearing about suicide is discomfort or fear. Often times, our behavior is to automatically deny that suicide is an issue that affects us personally; or we may simply ignore it and hope the problem goes away on…