A girl thinks about her issues during cognitive behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder

Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder Effective?

Effective treatment for bipolar disorder is as varied as the individuals who suffer from the condition. People with this type of mental illness usually benefit from lifelong treatment. Clinicians often use a combination of psychotherapy and medication to help people manage their symptoms. Cognitive behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder is one example of a type…

Pills and syringes represent the signs of opiate addiction

3 Signs of Opiate Addiction

Opiates are derivatives from the opium poppy plant. Examples include morphine, codeine, and heroin. Each drug has a distinct addiction path and potential. So, what are the signs of opiate addiction that you can’t afford to ignore? 1. Marked Drowsiness That Follows Extreme Elation When someone injects or smokes heroin, there’s a brief period of…

A teen girl that needs to know how to stop an anxiety attack

How to Stop an Anxiety Attack

Your teen is running the gauntlet every day. Athletics competitions, team tryouts, and tests are the realities of daily life. And these are in addition to budding romances, peer group pressures, and struggles at home. If your teen’s struggling with anxiety, here’s how to stop an anxiety attack. Understand Where the Anxiety Comes From First,…

A psychologist comforts a teen girl as she wonders is addiction a disease

Is Addiction a Disease?

A vast majority of people don’t know how to label addiction. So is addiction a disease or a lifestyle choice? It often shocks people to learn that most medical associations list addiction as a disease. Below is a closer look at addiction and why experts consider it a disease. So, Is Addiction a Disease? According…

Three cocktail glasses filled with a purple liquid represent purple drank

What Is Purple Drank?

Purple Drank continues to plague teens who favor the mixture’s sweet taste and easily obtained high. They know the drink by a variety of names, including Sizzurp, Lean, Barre and Purple Stuff. Many young celebrities also pay tribute to Lean in music and videos. But what is this purple liquid and why do people keep…

A graphic that says risk factors for teen drug abuse

Risk Factors for Teen Drug Abuse [Infographic]

There are many resources available to help you spot the signs of drug abuse in your teenager. However, wouldn’t it be better to prevent them from using drugs in the first place? Keeping them from using now can help them avoid more significant problems down the road. So what kinds of risk factors lead to…

A teen boy learns about the comorbidity of his substance abuse and mental health disorders during treatment

What is Comorbidity?

As you look for the right addiction treatment for your teen, you may run across the term “comorbidity.” But what does this mean? How does it influence the type of treatment your teen needs? Comorbidity is another term for the “co-occurring conditions” of addiction and mental illness. This means the addiction started with mental problems…