parents talking to teen son about substance abuse

3 Ways to Talk to Your Teen About Substance Abuse

Substance abuse does not discriminate. It can affect anyone. It does not matter your age or your gender, you can develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Teens are very delicate individuals who are still developing mentally. This makes them curious about many things, including drugs and alcohol. Parents should talk to their teens about…

teen girl struggling with her mental health

5 Signs Your Teen Is Struggling With Their Mental Health

Millions of teens struggle with mental health disorders all over the world. However, some teens may be unaware of their situation. Mental health is a complex subject that teenagers may not fully comprehend. Some teens are aware of their diagnosis, but because of the stigma surrounding mental health and fear of talking about their situation,…

teen struggling with the covid-19 pandemic

How COVID-19 Impacts Teens

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting teens just like everybody else. COVID-19 has been responsible for the closure of schools in most states. Schools have had to cancel proms and graduation ceremonies. High school seniors are having to start their college careers virtually. Ultimately, the repercussions of COVID-19 have had a significant impact on teenagers and…

father and son discussing the difference between Prescription Drugs vs Street Drugs

Prescription Drugs VS. Street Drugs: What Are The Dangers?

When it comes to teen drug abuse, parents are understandably worried. In addition to the drugs themselves, you are concerned about the unsafe situations that often go with them. The “drug scene” changes over time, with some drugs gaining popularity with teens and college students, new drugs being invented, along with new ways to do…