parent and child learning benefits of family therapy activities from therapist

3 Benefits of Trying Family Therapy Activities

Have you ever felt like you needed additional support in communicating with your children and partner? Family therapy is the solution. In a family therapy program, you will identify the root of conflicts existing within your family. Then, with the help of a therapist, your family will work to resolve their conflicts with an understanding…

why do teens drink? teens at a party have alcohol

Why Do Teens Drink?

While addressing issues like teen drinking, it’s important to remember that drinking alcohol is socially acceptable. Drinking has been part of the American culture throughout most of its history. The primary reason there are drinking age restrictions is that lawmakers decided anyone handling the effects of alcohol needed a certain level of maturity. So, why…

teen process addiction counseling

When to Intervene in Your Teen’s Process Addiction

Helping teens conquer their substance use disorders is often promoted by healthcare providers. However, teen process addiction is also a dangerous dependency that needs to be acknowledged. A teen process addiction treatment program is necessary to help young adults realize how to manage their emotions and deal with their triggers without depending on anything that…

teen girl considering xanax abuse

Is My Teen Abusing Xanax?

Xanax is a prescription medication used to treat anxiety disorders. Also known as benzodiazepine, it is dangerous and very addictive because it creates an intense feeling of euphoria. A recent survey found that one in five users of benzodiazepine is misusing the drug. What makes it worse? It is available to teens, who often use…

teen using music therapy for recovery

How Music Therapy Can Promote Recovery

It’s often said that music is food for the soul. Music has the power to reduce stress, calm a person’s nerves and even spur creativity. And music is one of the easiest ways for people to connect–regardless of culture. That’s why music therapy for recovery is so powerful–it is cathartic and healing for teens on…

teen experiencing benefits of telehealth PHP

Benefits of a Telehealth PHP/IOP for Teens

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is for young adults living at home that need support to maintain balance due to mental health, behavioral issues, or substance use disorder. But since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not always been possible for teens to receive PHP services. In response, Destinations for Teens has designed a telehealth PHP…

smiling teens enjoying LGBTQIA+ support services

LGBTQIA+ Support Services for Teens in CA

The teenage years are an important time in a young adult’s development. They are growing in their understanding of the world. And, they are also learning about the importance of their identity. For some teens, it can be as simple as identifying themselves by what they enjoy. Yet, for others, it will mean exerting the…

teen outside dealing with seasonal depression triggers

What Triggers Seasonal Depression for Teens?

Dreary weather and dark days can sometimes make winter less than joyous. And while some people can shake off the sadness of cold weather, it presents a huge challenge for others. Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), impacts five percent of Americans. While there is no data available on how many teens…