a teen sits on a computer while suffering from an Internet addiction

Warning Signs Your Teen may have an Internet Addiction

Social media and online gaming are some of the favorite pastimes for young adults. It’s an opportunity to express themselves and share their interests with the world. Yet some interactions online also come with consequences. This includes internet addiction. Four in ten teens admit feeling anxious when they do not have their cell phone. This…

a teen meets with a therapist who explains Dual diagnosis vs co-occurring disorders

What’s the Difference: Dual Diagnosis vs. Co-Occurring Disorders

The terms dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorder are often used interchangeably to define when someone has a substance and mental health disorder happening at the same time. However, there are some definitive differences between these two terms that people should understand. Knowing the difference between the two can greatly impact and increase the ability of…

a person sits in a round seat while wondering Why do teens turn to drugs

Why So Many Teens Seem To Be Turning to Drugs

Substance use disorders among teens are not uncommon. Teens are experimenting and developing substance use disorders from cocaine to heroin and even prescription drugs. Many teens experimented with drugs by the twelfth grade. Many of us wonder, “why do teens turn to drugs?” Many experience traumas and challenges without professional support to help them manage…

a teen looks at their phone upset at the effects of Social media and self esteem

How Social Media Affects Teens’ Self-Esteem

Social media is an excellent source of entertainment for young adults. From making reels on TikTok to posting images on Instagram, social media allows teens to share their creativity and identity with others. However, there are times when social media interactions become negative. If your teen struggles with self-esteem and social media may cause more…

a young person sits on the floor i a dark room thinking about opioid dangers

Are Opioids Dangerous?

Did you know that almost 75% of drug overdoses in 2020 were associated with opioids? It’s true, according to the Center for Disease Control. It’s no secret that teens are drawn to the calming, euphoric feeling associated with opioids. Whether teens misuse prescription pain relievers such as Vicodin or abuse illegal substances such as heroin,…

a young person sits sadly near a wall asking what are opioids

What Are Opioids?

Opioids—drugs that are natural or synthetic—are popular amongst teens. Whether they are using prescription drugs such as OxyContin or illegal substances such as heroin, opioids offer the ability to feel pleasure when a teen is confronted with stress. According to the National Center For Drug Abuse Statistics, 2.3% of adolescents between 12 and 17 have…

a young person sits on the floor looking sad thinking about the possibility of marijuana overdose

Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

Marijuana use is quite controversial. While some people believe that the mind-altering drug is not addictive, others argue that it is indeed. But one thing is certain—teen marijuana use is something to watch. Survey results show that marijuana is more likely to be used by 82% of high school seniors than cigarettes. More results show…

a young person asks a counselor is marijuana addictive

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Did you know that marijuana is the second most popular drug in the United States? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), marijuana use disorder is one of the most prominent mind-altering drugs. And for teens, the statistics are even more startling. SAMHSA reports that 3.1 million teens between 12 and 17 used…