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What Is Purple Drank?

Purple Drank continues to plague teens who favor the mixture’s sweet taste and easily obtained high. They know the drink by a variety of names, including Sizzurp, Lean, Barre and Purple Stuff. Many young celebrities also pay tribute to Lean in music and videos. But what is this purple liquid and why do people keep using it?

Some Background on Purple Drank

Three cocktail glasses filled with a purple liquid represent purple drankWhatever name you use, Lean is dangerous. Multiple celebrities bringing awareness to the drink have suffered hospitalizations and even death thanks to the concoction. Rap artist Lil’ Wayne continues abusing the purple liquid despite multiple hospitalizations and a near-death experience in the ICU. Justin Bieber, JaMarcus Russell, and Soulja Boy also proudly turn to Lean when they need a high. If all of these celebrities boast about drinking Lean, how is your teen supposed to avoid being around the drug? After all, teens often do what they see their cultural icons doing. Unfortunately, many families unknowingly have the drink’s ingredients in their medicine cabinets and kitchen pantries. Therefore, your teen possibly gains exposure to Lean on a regular basis. Lean contains prescription-strength cough syrup, to start. This syrup contains codeine and promethazine (Phenergan). Teens combine the syrup with soda, hard candies, and even alcohol. The drink tastes sweet, making it easy to drink. However, your young person’s body cannot handle this deadly mixture. Promethazine provides a sedative effect. In the prescription cough syrup, codeine mixes with the promethazine to create euphoric effects. Remember, codeine is one of the opioids blazing through the country as part of the opioid addiction epidemic. Many teens call the purple liquid Lean because you lean when you try to stand or walk after drinking it. However, other teens do not survive their dose of Drank. If your teen abuses it, they need help before it is too late.

Turning the Lean Trend Around

Wiz Khalifa is one music artist trying to turn the trend of Lean around. According to the New York Daily News in November 2017, the rapper told teens on his Instagram to “just say no.” The news outlet quotes him as saying, “Lean is lame.” Although Wiz Khalifa abuses other substances, he considers the Lean trend taboo. This is because he watches his friends and fellow music artists give into the purple drink time and again. While Wiz Khalifa is trying to change public opinion on Lean, he’s just one voice. Unfortunately, many other celebrities brag about using this dangerous substance. This leads to conflicting messages for impressionable teens.

Help for Teens Abusing Lean or Other Substances

Whether your teen abuses Purple Drank or other substances, the only way to a healthy future comes through quality treatment. Through the right mix of programs, therapies, education, and support, your teen gets back to a healthier life with a bright future ahead. Programs your teen needs include:

For your teen’s best chance at a bright future, call Destinations for Teens at 877-466-0620 You can help your loved one get back on track.