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Signs My Teen Needs an Outpatient Drug Rehab

Teens facing substance addiction are faced with several challenges. First, they are still navigating young adulthood, and second, they are dealing with mental health issues and addiction. An outpatient drug rehab program will allow teens to continue their daily routine while receiving comprehensive therapy. Our teen outpatient treatment program assists young people struggling with substance use problems with a structured plan that will provide them with supportive tools. Call 877.466.0620 to find out if an outpatient drug rehab program is right for your teen.

Signs My Teen Needs at Outpatient Drug Rehab

When a teen is struggling with substance use problems, signs may be present that might indicate it’s time to look into an outpatient drug rehab program. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Your teen begins to withdraw from activities and friends they once enjoyed
  • Decreased performance in school, either academically or athletically
  • Changes in mood or attitude, such as irritability or signs of depression
  • Loss of interest in personal appearance or hygiene
  • Decreased communication with family and friends
  • Avoidance of discussions about their activities
  • Increased use of drugs, alcohol, or other substances

If you are concerned, your teen may need an outpatient drug rehab program. It’s essential to reach out for help. Destinations For Teens offers comprehensive outpatient drug rehab programs tailored to the individual needs of each teen. Our team provides support and guidance throughout the process and works with your teen to develop a plan that helps them achieve their goals.

What Is An Outpatient Treatment Center?

A teen outpatient treatment center allows young adults to receive help in managing their mental health and behavioral challenges. Teens in an outpatient treatment center can still attend school, participate in structured extracurricular activities and work, and attend therapy through a facility such as Destinations for Teens. These programs provide individualized treatment plans that focus on the emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of an adolescent in a safe and supportive environment. Treatment may include counseling, medication management, structured activities, and family therapy. Outpatient treatment centers prioritize giving teens the skills needed to function independently in society. They also strive to help these young adults develop positive relationships with themselves, their peers, and the adults in their lives. Outpatient treatment centers are a great way for teens to get the help they need while continuing to participate in everyday life.

Benefits of Teen Outpatient Rehab

There are many advantages to participating in an outpatient treatment program. Teens enrolled in an outpatient program can feel empowered by the process of remaining in control of their daily lives while confronting their challenges. If you are considering an outpatient treatment center for your teen, review these benefits below:

  • Comprehensive therapy – While teens can remain home and maintain their familial obligations, they will also be able to participate in individual and group therapy sessions to help them identify and manage their triggers.
  • Family involvement – Unlike a residential program where families drop off their teens and pick them up after a specific period, familial involvement is expected in outpatient treatment. Part of a teen outpatient treatment program philosophy is that family involvement is vital to helping teens navigate their addiction or mental health challenges. Family members are coached to support their teens and attend scheduled therapy sessions.
  • Community support – Once a teen’s outpatient program is complete, they are still part of the Destinations for Teens community. Community programming offers extended support to teens, helping them avoid relapses.

If you are concerned your teen may need an outpatient drug rehab program, don’t hesitate to seek help. Outpatient programs can provide support and structure to get teens back on track.

Is Outpatient Drug Rehab for Teens Right for You?

Although teen outpatient treatment centers allow young adults to remain at home with their families and still attend school, there are some drawbacks. If you are considering an outpatient drug rehab program for your teen, consider these points:

  • There is no medical detox. Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol is no easy feat. The body is adjusting to life without a dependent substance. Beginning a drug treatment program requires a high level of care to allow the body to adjust safely. Medical detoxification assists in this process. However, it is not available to outpatients.
  • No 24-hour supervision. Inpatient or residential treatment options provide teens in recovery with around-the-clock care in a stable, supportive environment. If your teen exhibits erratic behavior and is a danger to themselves, outpatient treatment is not the best option.
  • Family involvement is necessary. For outpatient programming to be successful, a supportive family must be present. Everyone in your family will need to be emotionally and physically available to help their teen make lasting changes. If your family is not available for group therapy sessions or to support a young adult daily, an outpatient program might not be the best option for your family.

When considering teen outpatient rehab programs, speaking with a professional is best. A Destinations for Teens representative can help determine if an outpatient drug rehab program suits your teens’ unique situation.

Teen Outpatient Rehab with Destinations For Teens

Your teen needs your love and support as they overcome their challenges with substance use disorder. An outpatient treatment center allows your family to give attention and care to your teen while they remain home. If you think your teen may benefit from the services of an outpatient treatment center, contact Destinations for Teens today to get started. Destinations for Teens provides life-changing treatment programming for adolescents in need. Whether your teen needs an outpatient or residential treatment program, we are here to help your family. Call Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620 to learn about our teen treatment centers.