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Signs of Schizophrenia in Teens

Schizophrenia is a severe mental health disorder that can drastically affect the lives of those suffering from this condition. While it typically develops in adults, signs of schizophrenia can also appear in teenagers. Knowing the signs of schizophrenia in teens is essential for recognizing the disorder early on and seeking appropriate treatment. If a teen you love is experiencing signs of schizophrenia, they may require a schizophrenia treatment program for teens. Contact us at 877.466.0620 to learn more about our programs.

What Are Some Signs of Schizophrenia in Teens?

When people hear the term schizophrenia, it creates all kinds of incorrect notions about the individual with psychosis. Yes, schizophrenia is a form of psychosis, which means the individual will be prone to delusions or hallucinations. This doesn’t necessarily make them dangerous, though some individuals may have symptoms that create violent tendencies. Since schizophrenia usually begins during adolescence, teens are particularly vulnerable to the disorder. In general, any individual with this psychosis will experience either delusions, hallucinations, or both. The individual doesn’t exist in reality when in these delusions and hallucinations. In young people, this disorder will progress slowly through their teenage years. Experts refer to this as pro-drone. As the condition progresses, symptoms will begin to appear over a matter of months. The signs of schizophrenia in teens include:

  • Lack of attention to hygiene
  • Expression of bizarre ideas
  • Attempts to be overly religious or philosophical
  • Substance abuse addictions
  • Paranoia
  • Social withdrawal
  • Difficulty concentrating on simple tasks
  • Hallucinations, such as hearing voices
  • Delusions of grandeur or persecution
  • Sudden changes in mood
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Inability to sleep properly
  • Unusual behaviors
  • Decreased motivation

If any signs are present, seeking help early on is essential. This can help with the prognosis of the condition.

Treatment for Teen Schizophrenia

The signs of schizophrenia in teens can be frightening. However, there is hope for individuals who are suffering from this disorder. The two most common forms of treatment are medication management and therapy.

Medication Management

Medication management involves being prescribed anti-psychotic drugs that help reduce the signs of schizophrenia. These medications can range from mood stabilizers to antipsychotics. It’s important to understand that this approach alone is not enough. The individual will still need therapy and support to manage their illness.


Therapy can include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, or family therapy. During these sessions, the individual will learn techniques to help them manage their signs and symptoms of schizophrenia. Through this approach, they may also be able to process emotions related to their illness. We understand that it can be difficult for teens and their parents when signs of schizophrenia appear. That’s why we offer specialized programs for teens with schizophrenia at Destinations for Teens.

Treating Teen Schizophrenia at Destinations for Teens

It’s crucial for anyone who displays the symptoms of schizophrenia to get into treatment as soon as possible. For teens, early treatment usually translates to the teen learning how to manage their illness more quickly. However, at its worst, schizophrenia can drive a teen into the hospital. The proper teen schizophrenia treatment model usually includes medication to control the disorder. The individual will also need to undergo therapy to help them learn how to cope with their episodes. Our Destinations for Teens facility in Woodland Hills, CA, uses evidence-based treatment options. Our specific treatment modalities include cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.

More About Destinations for Teens

Our concern for teens evolves from our desire to make sure young people have a fair chance at success and happiness. To this end, we offer a full range of addiction and mental health treatment options. We use these options to build custom treatment plans that will be effective for each client. Aside from the treatment mentioned above evidence-based treatment options, we also offer the following:

  • Inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment
  • Dual diagnosis for co-existing conditions (focus on mental health issues)
  • Holistic treatment options like art, music, and yoga
  • Alumni aftercare program

Call us at 877.466.0620 to get the help your child deserves.