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Staying Sober With A Sober Coach

When a loved one completes a treatment program, his or her goal focuses on remaining sober and avoiding substance abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that individuals need continuing care that adjusts and changes over time to address a loved one’s needs. For teenagers, a treatment program that incorporates aftercare and provides long-term assistance plays a key role in preventing future substance abuse. By working with a sober coach, teenagers learn valuable coping skills and life skills.

What is Sober Coaching?

As the name suggests, a sober coach is an individual who works with an individual to maintain motivation and keep up with personal goals for sobriety. Essentially, the coach helps your teen on track and maintain sobriety by providing the tools, information and support that a loved one requires after treatment. Web MD explains that life and wellness coaches provides guidance that allows an individual to identify and accomplish personal goals in every aspect of their life. A sober coach plays a similar role by offering advice about different ways to handle relationships, problems in school or even the emotional challenges that arise after treatment.

Staying Motivated With Assistance

Allegheny College says that professional help and support in different areas of life helps a loved one stay motivated and keep up with personal goals. When a teenager abuses a substance, he or she might feel tempted to use the drug or alcohol after a treatment program. Factors that contribute to relapse include: According to Psych Central, complacency, tempting situations or limited support contribute to a relapse. By working with a sober coach, a loved one has a positive role model who offers support and guidance until he or she has the skills to avoid the substance. It also helps prevent complacency by discussing temptations or talking about coping strategies on a regular basis. Sober coaching allows a loved one to focus on his or her goals while still gaining the support he or she needs to stay on track. A coach helps motivate a loved one to explore new hobbies, develop healthy relationships and move forward after treatment. A coach allows a loved one to transition into a healthy lifestyle so that he or she maintains sobriety and continues seeking help when challenges arise.

Helping a Loved One Stay Healthy

When teenagers abuse drugs or alcohol, it causes concerns about their health and wellness. Although a treatment program helps a loved one take the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle, parents and loved ones play a key role in encouraging him or her to maintain personal goals. Ways family can help include:

  • Hiring a sober coach
  • Encouraging aftercare and continuing treatment solutions
  • Exercising together
  • Planning healthy meals
  • Staying up-to-date with a loved one’s lifeStay involved when a loved one completes a treatment program and offer support when he or she needs help. Provide the tools a loved one needs to stay motivated by working with the right professionals.A sober coach helps a loved one stay healthy after treatment by providing the support, guidance and advice he or she needs. Working with a sober coach helps a teenager stay motivated to reach new goals and explore new hobbies after treatment.To learn more about how you can stay sober, give us a call at 877-466-0620 for support.