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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Stress Awareness Month

Stress can be debilitating, often interfering with a person’s quality of life. We all experience some forms of stress. As adults, we are better able to manage our stress, resulting in fewer issues. For teens, stress has the potential of creating mental health and addiction issues. Every year for many years, the Health Resource Network has proudly sponsored Stress Awareness Month. As always, they have again designated April as the month for people to focus on their stress issues.

How Stress Awareness Month Seeks to Make a Difference

By drawing attention to a nationwide issue we all have in common, we can share thoughts about how to handle stress. The sponsors have chosen the month of April (the start of Spring) because it’s a time of renewal and introspection. During the month, mental health treatment providers like Destinations for Teens will be reaching out into our local communities. The goal is to get people to participate in their own well-being through activities such as meditation, exercise programs for stress relief, and seeking treatment if stress progresses too far. Through this level of awareness, we hope teens and their parents will seek teenage anxiety treatment when necessary.

What Stress Awareness Month Means to Destinations for Teens

Of course, as a mental health and addiction treatment organization for teens, we are sensitive to the needs of our youth. Simply put, teenagers often have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings. We value various awareness initiatives because they bring information to teens who need help. Once a teenager realizes their issues aren’t so unique, they become more likely to come forward and ask for help. Parents can also benefit from these awareness initiatives for themselves and the kids for which they bear responsibility. Awareness leads to prevention, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Destinations for Teens – Serving Southern California

There are very few things on this planet nobler than helping young people become successful adults. Teachers teach and mental health/addiction counselors try to keep teens in a good place. In our treatment facilities, we use a wide range of treatment programs to help teens with significant problems. We believe that through our efforts, we are also making a material difference within our community. Above all, we seek to make a difference for our clients, using the following treatment options:

As a parent, you should appreciate anything that will help your teen increase their awareness about potential personal problems. The sponsors designated Stress Awareness Month for that very reason. If your teen needs help with an addiction or mental health problem, Destinations for Teens is ready to help. You can start your teen’s treatment process by calling our Woodland Hills facility at 877-466-0620.