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Teen Smartphone Use

With the proliferation of smartphone use in the United States, it’s no wonder that people are concerned about the dangers that lurk there. From smartphone addiction to online bullying, people are taking steps to protect themselves from the problems revolving around smartphones. Although the smartphone is an extremely helpful tool for most people, it can pose various risks. This leads to parents being concerned over teen smartphone use. Many children and teens have smartphones, and keeping it under control can be challenging for parents. 

Teen Smartphone Use

According to recent data, more than half of children age 11 and up own a smartphone. When it comes to teen smartphone use, the numbers are even higher at 84%. Not only do many teens own and use smartphones, but the time they spend on their phones is increasing too.  When teens self-report about their smartphone use, it turns out that teens are using their smartphones for approximately seven hours a day. However, these numbers could be slightly skewed because the researchers count multitasking separately. So, for example, if a teen is playing a video game for one hour and also texting at the same time, then it gets counted as two hours instead of one. The main activity that teens engage in online is viewing videos. This accounts for close to three hours of screen time.

What Do Experts Recommend For Parents Of Teens With Smartphones?

While some parents may worry about their preteen having access to a smartphone, some experts say that it’s easier to guide your child’s smartphone use if they get one at a young age. The thinking behind this is that the parent can talk to their child about safe social media use, proper etiquette, and limit the amount of time their child can use their smartphone per day. Parents can periodically check their child’s phone or use a parental control app. Then, when the child is old enough, they will have already learned about proper teen smartphone use.  Process addiction is another thing to consider when parents are deciding the amount of time their teens can access their smartphones. Parents can set limits on their teen’s phone, but it may be difficult to enforce these rules. The best thing parents can do is model moderate smartphone use and teach their children to enjoy life in ways that don’t include screens. That means parents should spend more time doing activities with their children and teens or helping them find interests outside of playing video games and watching YouTube. Teen smartphone use can lead to process addiction if not dealt with properly, and parents may need to intervene if a problem escalates. If you believe your teen is developing a smartphone addiction, consider enrolling them in our process addiction treatment program

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Destinations for Teens is a place where your teen can learn to have fun without a smartphone. By participating in adolescent therapeutic services and fun activities, teens and their families will discover the joy of a human connection. At Destinations for Teens, we use a variety of evidence-based therapies in a supportive environment to guide your teen. Some of our teen mental health treatment programs include:

Visit our facility and meet our compassionate team of expert doctors, therapists, and caregivers. Their professional and loving care will help your teen find inner healing. Don’t let a phone get in the way of your family’s happiness. If you believe your teen is developing an addiction, consider enrolling them in our smartphone addiction treatment program. Your teen can overcome this problem by visiting one of our quality teen treatment centers. Contact Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620.   Citations National Public Radio, It’s a Smartphone Life: More than half of US children now have one,