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Are There Different Types of Addiction?

Usually, people think of substance abuse when the term “addiction” comes up. The reason is that drug addiction is one of the most common types of addiction. However, there are actually a variety of addictions out there. A vast majority of them affect not only adults but teens as well.

What’s the Definition of Addiction?

Before learning about the different types of addiction, it’s essential to learn the definition. Having a better understanding of the term can aid in understanding why there are many different kinds. Most mental health professionals define addiction as a chronic disorder or dysfunction of the brain. Specifically, it impacts the area of the brain that deals with motivation, reward, and memory. Addiction affects the way that the body reacts to stimuli or rewards. Also, it involves a compulsive habit to seek out those rewards. Substances, such as alcohol or other drugs, most often cause this compulsive habit. However, people can also develop an addiction to behaviors. Basically, anything that triggers a reward response in the brain can lead to the development of addiction.

Types of Addiction

Teens can develop a variety of addictions. In general, several factors contribute. For example, environment and family upbringing play a role in the development of addiction. Also, experts believe that genetics make some people more likely to develop an addiction than others. In any case, one of the most common addictions that teens deal with is drug addiction. Why is drug addiction so high among teens? One reason is that more than 80% of teens experiment with drugs in some way before adulthood. Regardless of why, more teens abuse drugs each year. Another common addiction among teens is sexual addiction. During adolescence, the human body has an increase in hormones, which increases sexual desire. When teens engage in intimacy, the brain receives a reward. Like with drugs that trigger a reward response, it’s possible for teens to develop a sex addiction. This generation of teens also faces a new type of addiction, which experts refer to as process addiction. While it refers to several types of addiction, most experts use the term to refer to electronic addiction. It encompasses having an addiction to video games, computers, and cellphones. These electronics trigger a release of endorphins in the brain, much like drugs. Most people know teens who can’t put down their phones or check them every couple of minutes. This type of behavior is its own kind of addiction and requires special help as well.

Give Your Teen the Tools to Overcome Addiction

Is your son or daughter in need of teen substance abuse treatment? Maybe your teen struggles with another type of addiction altogether. Regardless of the addiction, you can count on Destinations for Teens to help. We offer a wide variety of programs that can help your teen overcome addiction, such as:

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