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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Using Holistic Treatments for Teens

Helping a loved one recover from drugs or alcohol requires appropriate treatment options. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, effective treatment programs strive to address multiple needs in an appropriate manner. Holistic treatments for adolescents address the underlying causes of addiction and take appropriate measures to provide the skills and tools your loved one needs to focus on his or her goals of recovery.

What is Holistic Treatment?

The idea behind holistic treatment is that the human body is an orchestration of many different systems that are in a constant state of communication. The body will then express either harmony or disharmony of this communication via signs and symptoms. The symptoms are not the sickness, but rather an expression of the true source of illness. Holistic treatment aims to diagnose signs and symptoms in order to discover and treat the true source of illness. Take for example someone with severe lower back pain. This could be from a direct injury to the back like a slip and fall accident. On the other hand, the lower back pain could also be caused by unhealthy kidneys which are inflamed and put excess pressure on the spine which could cause acute back pain. The kidneys may be distressed from excess alcohol or drug use without proper hydration. Therefore, a holistic treatment plan could be to decrease alcohol consumption, drink more water, eat foods or medicinal herbs to directly assist kidney function, or to receive acupuncture treatments to help with back pain and kidney function.

Popular Types of Holistic Treatments for Teens:

  • Appropriate medical treatments for any physical ailments
  • Nutrition therapy to help with deficiencies or nutrition-related health concerns
  • Sports activities
  • Tai chi
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Dance, music or art therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Spiritual teachings based on personal beliefs
  • Educational services and tutoring
  • Appropriate treatments for mental health disorders

What sets a holistic treatment plan apart from other options is the focus on addressing every factor that contributes to addiction and a loved one’s specific needs. It treats a loved one as an entire person rather than simply focusing on the substance abuse and related behaviors.

Providing Specialized Care

The National Institutes on Health state that no single approach to recovery works for every individual. By providing specialized care and a personalized approach to treatment, a holistic treatment program addresses the unique factors that led to a loved one’s addiction and the problems that stem from the addiction. Part of specialized care can be the integration of holistic programs that provide greater options based on a loved one’s specific needs and the factors that contribute to an addiction, so it allows an individual to focus on his or her goals. Psychology Today suggests that holistic programs allow a loved one to feel more comfortable while still incorporating evidence-based and traditional treatment options in the program.

Helping an Adolescent Recover

In a treatment environment adolescents have different concerns when compared to older individuals. They might start abusing drugs or alcohol due to peer pressure, traumatic experiences or even curiosity. By incorporating holistic treatments, a program identifies the factors that caused an addiction and help a loved one start making appropriate changes to his or her lifestyle. It also allows a loved one to express his or her feelings in a healthy way. Treating substance abuse depends on the situation and the needs of each person. By using a holistic treatment plan that addresses the entire person, an adolescent learns valuable skills to avoid substance abuse in the future. Furthermore, the holistic treatment program allows a teenager to develop healthy habits and behaviors that encourage a loved one to make better choices in the future. To learn more about holistic therapy and how it can help you overcome addiction, give us a call at¬†877-466-0620. Sources: