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Warning Signs Your Teen may have an Internet Addiction

Social media and online gaming are some of the favorite pastimes for young adults. It’s an opportunity to express themselves and share their interests with the world. Yet some interactions online also come with consequences. This includes internet addiction. Four in ten teens admit feeling anxious when they do not have their cell phone. This information is startling and insightful. This highlights the need for adults to pay greater attention to their teens’ internet usage. An internet addiction treatment program will help young adults learn how to manage their usage to be productive in school and in their personal lives.

Signs of An Internet Addiction

While teen usage of social media and online gaming is normal, it is essential to recognize when it has become an obsession. Here are five indications that a teen has developed an internet addiction:

  • Avoiding responsibilities — One of the most significant signs of any disorder is allowing it to consume a person’s life. When someone is dealing with a substance use disorder or mental health disorder, they cannot focus on anything else.
  • They are spending unlimited time online — When a teen consistently loses track of time when they are online, this is one of the signs of internet addiction.
  • Emotional response — When a teen experiences an internet addiction, their emotional state will never be stable. When teens are online, they will feel a sense of euphoria. However, when not online, they are often irritable, restless, or depressed.
  • Inability to stop — Another sign of internet addiction is a teen’s inability to stop being online. They will often be wondering what’s been posted on social media or who is on a popular gaming site. If necessary, they will sneak to log on to the internet.
  • Fractured relationships — Once a teen has developed an internet addiction, they will begin to neglect their relationships with family and friends. When they are in a position where they need to interact with people face to face, they may appear isolated and actively participate in online activities.

What You Should Do When You Notice Signs and Symptoms of Internet Addiction

If you notice that your teen is exhibiting signs of internet addiction, there are many ways that you can intervene. Follow these steps:

  • Observe how much time your teen is spending on their electronic devices.
  • How do they behave when they are online?
  • How do they behave when they are offline?
  • Does your teen lie about their internet usage?
  • Do they have back and neck pain?
  • Do they show signs of insomnia and fatigue?

Once you answer these questions, it is time to take action. It’s never alright to ignore the signs and symptoms of internet addiction because as your teens’ addiction grows, it will become more challenging for them to navigate life without access to the internet. Try not to be judgmental but discuss the topic with your teen. It might also help to find activities that do not rely on internet usage. If this does not help, begin seeking support for internet addiction from professionals.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Internet Addiction – Get Help at Destinations For Teens

It’s no secret that the internet is a part of our lives. We all rely on the internet for information and entertainment. While teens may enjoy interacting online, it is the responsibility of adults to help them manage their time online. Paying close attention to the signs and symptoms of internet addiction will help you to support your teen as they transition from an adolescent to an adult. However, if internet addiction treatment is necessary, don’t hesitate to contact Destinations for Teens. Contact us at 877.466.0620 for more information.