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What Are the Symptoms of Internet Addiction?

The symptoms of internet addiction vary from teen to teen, but there are some signs to look out for in your loved one. Teen internet addiction is essential to catch early. It can impact a teen’s self-esteem, behaviors, and thoughts. If you or someone you love needs teen internet addiction treatment, contact Destinations for Teens at 877.466.0620 to learn more about our programs.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction in Teens

Internet addiction symptoms can vary from person to person, but some of the most common signs include the following:

  • Preoccupation with being online — This may mean thinking about getting online or not wanting to engage in activities that don’t involve the internet.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when offline — A few examples of withdrawal symptoms include agitation, depression, or irritability.
  • Lying about how much time is spent online — Teens may try to hide the amount of time they spend online from friends and family.
  • Declining performance in school and other activities due to excessive internet use — This could lead to lower grades and a lack of interest in hobbies or sports.
  • Loss of interest in spending time with family or friends — Teens may prefer to spend time online instead of engaging with people in person.
  • Reduced sleep or difficulty sleeping due to late-night internet activity — Spending too much time on the computer can lead to a lack of sleep, negatively impacting a teen’s physical and mental health.

Internet addiction symptoms can be troubling and interfere with everyday life, but help is available. Many therapy and treatment modalities can address both internet addiction and underlying issues, such as anxiety or depression.

Common Reasons for Internet Addiction

Internet addiction symptoms can devastate teens, but it’s essential to understand why these symptoms present themselves. Some common reasons for internet addiction in teens include:

  • Escapism — Teens may turn to the internet to escape their problems and anxieties.
  • Social acceptance — Teens may find it challenging to fit in and connect with peers, so they turn to the internet for support.
  • Lack of control — Teens may become addicted to online activities due to a sense of being in control.
  • Misplaced priorities — Teens may spend too much time on the internet due to misplaced priorities or a lack of understanding of the importance of healthy boundaries.

At Destinations for Teens, we understand that Internet addiction symptoms can be challenging to manage and harm teens’ lives. That’s why we offer counseling and therapy services specifically designed to help teens address symptoms of internet addiction.

Teen Treatment for Internet Addiction

We focus on identifying internet addiction symptoms, understanding the underlying issues, and helping teens develop healthier behaviors. Our team of experts offers evidence-based treatment tailored to each teen’s needs. Treatment may include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) helps change negative thoughts and behaviors related to internet addiction.
  • Family therapy sessions explore the dynamics between teens and their families that may contribute to internet addiction symptoms.
  • Individual counseling sessions can address symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other underlying issues contributing to internet addiction.
  • Group therapy helps teens connect with peers struggling with internet addiction symptoms.

At Destinations for Teens, we believe in providing compassionate and evidence-based treatment that helps teens overcome internet addiction.

Teen Treatment for Internet Addiction at Destinations for Teens

Destinations for Teens offers comprehensive teen internet addiction treatment programs designed to help teens find healthier ways of managing their online activities. Through counseling, therapy, education, and support groups, we equip teens with the skills they need to break the cycle of addiction. Contact us at 877.466.0620 to learn more. If you or someone you know is struggling with Internet addiction symptoms, contact us today at Destinations for Teens to learn more about how we can help. We are here to ensure every teen has access to the treatment they need and deserve.