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What Is Intensive Outpatient Program Participation Like?

If your son or daughter is struggling with an addiction or mental health issues, you may feel lost and confused. Through your research, it may be difficult to decide which type of treatment program would suit your child best. The first thing to realize is that many young people struggle with mental health issues, but there is help available. A question you may have is, “What is intensive outpatient program attendance like, and can it help my child recover?”

What isan  Intensive Outpatient Program Participation Good For?

A doctor explains what is intensive outpatient program participation like to a teen girlWhen it comes to addiction and mental health treatment, there are various levels of care from detox, to residential and outpatient. Detox is for people who have a strong chemical dependency on alcohol or drugs and need medical attention. During the withdrawal process, it’s essential to have qualified medical professionals around to assist with detox. The next level of care is residential treatment, and this can be beneficial for teens if they’re a danger to themselves or others. At this type of facility, people temporarily live at the location while they receive different types of therapy. If you’re asking, “What is intensive outpatient program participation good for,” it’s for people transitioning out of a residential program. It can also be an excellent fit for any young person who doesn’t have a severe problem with their mental health or addiction. At an IOP, your child will attend treatment for multiple hours each day, participating in individual and group sessions. The other benefit is that IOP can help your child with the following symptoms of mental illness:

What is Intensive Outpatient Program Attendance Like for Teens?

A teen intensive outpatient program can also be extremely beneficial for young people who have a supportive living environment. A significant part of recovery is family therapy, and this offers everyone the opportunity to begin healing. As a parent, it’s important to understand what your child is struggling with and how to support him or her in the best way possible. The IOP gives you and your child the opportunity to begin working on healthy communication and coping skills at home. Another benefit of an intensive outpatient program for teens is that they can continue to go to school. This helps young people feel more comfortable with receiving treatment. Young people may be worried about the questions other kids will ask if they’re missing from school for an extended period.

Help for Teens

Now that you understand what is intensive outpatient program participation, allow Destinations for Teens to help you and your family begin healing. Destinations for Teens is a dual diagnosis treatment center, so we specialize in addiction as well as mental illness. Our goal is to provide an early intervention for your child, so they can go on and live an incredible life. We offer a wide range of programs here, which include the following:

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