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What Is Internet Addiction?

It’s no secret that the internet can be a powerful tool for connecting with others and exploring new worlds. But for some teenagers, internet addiction can become a severe problem. According to a recent study, internet addiction is now one of the most common addictions among young people. These problems can take on specific forms, too—such as social media addiction, online gambling addiction, and internet sex addiction. Because of this diversity and the integral part that the internet plays in our lives, it can be difficult for teenagers to break free from their addiction without professional help. That’s where teenage internet addiction treatment comes in. Treatment centers like those run by Destinations for Teens offer young people the opportunity to get help and recover from their addiction in a safe and supportive environment. Call 877.466.0620 today to speak with someone from Destinations for Teens about internet addiction in young people and how professional help can aid in overcoming it.

What Are the Different Types of Internet Addiction?

Internet addiction often takes on different forms, depending on the person and their internet habits. Here are some of the most common internet addictions:

  • Social media addiction – This addiction is a genuine problem for internet users, particularly among teenagers. It involves an obsession with checking social media accounts and posting updates—sometimes to the point where it interferes with daily activities such as school and work.
  • Online gambling addiction – This addiction is becoming a severe problem for internet users of all ages. People who suffer from this form of internet addiction become fixated on the thrill and excitement that comes from betting money online—so much so that it interferes with their daily lives.
  • Internet sex addiction – This addiction is another major issue facing internet users. This type of internet addiction involves engaging in excessive sexual activities online, such as watching porn or chatting with strangers on websites and apps.

Other, less common types include shopping addiction and excessive web surfing.

How to Spot Teenage Internet Addiction

When internet addiction goes unchecked, it can harm many aspects of your teen’s life. As such, looking for signs and symptoms indicating an internet addiction is essential. Here are some of the most common warning signs:

  • Spending too much time online – An enormous red flag is when internet use begins to consume more and more of a teen’s life, to the point where it starts to interfere with other activities such as school and socialization.
  • Isolating oneself from family and friends – If internet use takes precedence over spending time with loved ones, internet addiction may be an issue.
  • Lying about internet use – Teens may try to cover up their time online or even lie about it altogether.
  • Changes in internet habits – If internet use changes drastically—either increasing or decreasing significantly—it could be a sign of internet addiction.

If parents or guardians spot any of these signs, they should consider talking to their teen about internet addiction and exploring professional internet addiction treatment options.

What to Expect from Teenage Internet Addiction Treatment

The internet can be a great way to access information, explore new worlds and stay connected with family and friends. But it is crucial to make sure internet use doesn’t become addictive. An internet addiction treatment center provides teens with the resources they need to recover from internet addiction in a safe environment. Professional therapists offer comprehensive support for teens overcoming internet addiction, including:

  • Group therapy
  • Educational activities
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Recreational activities

By getting help at an internet addiction treatment center, teens can get back on track with their lives, face internet addiction head-on and develop healthier internet habits in the future.

Find Teenage Internet Addiction Treatment in Southern California at Destinations for Teens

If internet addiction is taking a toll on your teen, it’s essential to seek professional help. At Destinations for Teens, we provide specialized internet addiction treatment in Southern California to young people struggling with internet addiction of any type. Contact Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620 to learn more about internet addiction treatment for your teen.