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What Triggers Seasonal Depression for Teens?

Dreary weather and dark days can sometimes make winter less than joyous. And while some people can shake off the sadness of cold weather, it presents a huge challenge for others. Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), impacts five percent of Americans. While there is no data available on how many teens are affected by seasonal depression, it is understood that many teens suffer from this condition. Therefore it is important to pay attention to teen depression triggers. Destinations for Teens’ mental health treatment programs are specifically designed for young adults. We offer therapy programs to support depression, anxiety, and a host of other challenges your teen may be facing. Contact us at 877.466.0620 to learn more about our services.

Seasonal Depression Triggers In Teens

What makes us feel so sad that we are depressed during the winter months? Seasonal depression is related to our brain’s reaction to decreased daylight hours. Since daylight impacts melatonin and serotonin, this greatly impacts our sleep cycle, our energy levels, and of course, our moods. Here are some of the other triggers associated with seasonal depression:

Daylight Patterns

The sun begins to go down in the winter as early as 4 pm. With shorter days of sunlight, teens can feel naturally drowsy and sleep more often as a result. The darkness of the day can also make some teens feel sad.

Change of Schedule

Spring, summer, and even fall months all allow us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. The days last longer and the weather is not as cold. But when the season shifts to winter, the sun goes down earlier, the weather drops. And, the activities that were once so enjoyable are no longer a possibility.

Holiday Season

Although gift-giving and celebrations are typically considered joyous events, this time of year can also cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Perhaps your teen is worried about spending time with family because of past conflicts. Or, perhaps having to share time between divorced parents is difficult.

Psychosocial Issues

What is happening within your family that would make your teen feel extra sad? If they have to move around a lot or do not feel valued, they will feel extremely sad, leading to depression. In a teen depression treatment program, young adults work individually and in group sessions with a counselor to explore their mental health and wellness. Working with a therapist, teens will learn how to identify their depression and advocate for themselves to feel less hopeless.

Signs There Is A Need For Teen Depression Treatment

There’s a huge difference between feeling sad and being depressed. If your son or daughter appears to have been persistently sad for two weeks or more, that’s a clear sign of depression. Here are some other indications that the young adult in your life might be suffering from seasonal depression:

  • Persistent thoughts of suicide
  • Feeling irritable, guilty, hopeless, and anxious
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Appearing tired throughout the day
  • Sleeping more often than usual
  • Trouble concentrating on important tasks
  • Consistent headaches
  • Increased appetite, especially craving foods with high carbohydrates

Destinations for Teens Can Support Seasonal Depression

Adolescent depression should never be ignored. Often, when teens are experiencing depression, they feel unloved, unseen, and not valuable. Pay attention to seasonal depression triggers as well. If your teen is isolating themselves from others or even participating in self-inflicting pain, it is time to seek help. Destinations for Teens’ comprehensive treatment program will support your teen’s depression with several options available. Contact us [direct] to understand how depression treatment can make your teen feel loved and valued.