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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

When to Seek Treatment for Your Teen

Making the decision to get teen addiction help is difficult for every parent. View this condition as a disease like any other. Invest in teen treatment programs in the same manner as providing a loved one with care for an injury or illness. While this is much different, the care needed may be just as much or more. The right teen treatment centers, like Destinations For Teens, can help with healing and recovery to the best level possible.

Recognizing the Problem: When Teen Addiction Help Is Necessary

Teen addiction occurs when a person recognizes that continuing to use drugs or alcohol will cause negative consequences, but they continue to do so in a compulsive manner. That is easy to see from the outside, but it is much harder to admit. That’s why parents should not wait until a teen admits there is a problem to seek help. In many cases, it’s easier to deny the existence of a problem than admitting they need help. More so, parents need to recognize that early use – even before addiction or dependence forms – has long-term consequences. That includes altering the development of the brain and changing perceptions of pleasure. Seeking out teen addiction help sooner ensures the brain can heal and continue to develop in a healthy fashion.

Signs Teen Treatment Is Needed

There are signs to look for that indicate teen treatment programs may be beneficial. Often, teens cannot see these changes in themselves.

  • Inability to stop using. When they do, they feel compelled to continue.
  • Isolating or pulling themselves away from things they know and enjoy in order to use
  • Using more of the same drug to get the same effects
  • Feeling irritability, anxiety, and stress when not using
  • Struggling at school, with home responsibilities, or in relationships

Teen treatment may be essential if dependence occurs. When this occurs, the body and brain become so reliant on the drug that even if the teen wanted to stop using, he or she could not do so. Because of this, professional treatment is necessary. Dependence does not improve on its own, no matter how much willpower a person has.

What to Expect from Teen Treatment Programs

Sometimes parents put off getting teen treatment because they are unsure what to expect or if this type of treatment is going to be helpful and beneficial to them. The key here is to recognize that teen treatment programs are designed to meet that person’s individual needs. Expect our programs to offer both residential and outpatient care. A range of therapies is available to help a teen to work through the physical and the emotional toll of addiction. Past clients agree; we are more than a drug rehab. We also offer access to family therapy, one of the most important tools available. 

California Mental Health & Addiction Treatment for Teens

Teen treatment centers like Destinations for Teens can offer a range of support at any level of addiction. Our team works closely with teens to ensure they get the most appropriate level of care, no matter how severe their addiction is. Even if unsure, parents can trust our team to offer comprehensive teen treatment. Some of the services we offer include:

Take the Step to Call Destinations for Teens Today

Teen treatment isn’t something to put off. Our Woodland Hills, California teen treatment center provide a welcoming, down-to-earth environment designed to provide treatment in a positive space. To learn more about these and other teen treatment programs available, call 877.466.0620 or connect with us online.