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Why Teens Are More Susceptible to Drug Addiction

Teenagers use drugs and alcohol at social gatherings to relax and lower their inhibitions. Teen drug addiction often develops because it’s natural for them to experiment with party drugs. Some may do so initially due to peer pressure, to chase a feeling of euphoria or relief from their problems. While many teens try drugs, some develop a chemical dependency that lasts through adulthood. There are severe downsides to teen drug usage. Using psychoactive drugs in heavy doses changes the brain’s reward circuitry. When the brain is used to steady flows of “feel good” chemicals, it stops producing them in response to “feel good” situations. While it is normal for teens’ interests and priorities to change during adolescence, heavy intoxication frequently makes it harder for people to cope with life sober. Call 877.466.0620 to learn more about Destinations for Teens’ substance use disorder treatment programs in Southern California.

Why Are Drug Addiction Services for Teens Essential?

Perhaps you never knew teens suffer from drug addiction more quickly than adults. Teen drug addiction is simply the result of teens:

  • Having no self-respect
  • Suffering from peer pressure
  • Experiencing bad parenting

Drug addiction is a complex disease that affects the brain in many ways. The involvement of the brain in drug addiction helps explain the primary reasons teenagers are more susceptible. This is true no matter what substance is the teen’s drug of choice.

Teen Addiction Services Work Better Combined with Good Parenting

When we have open, ongoing conversations with our teens about drugs, they will feel empowered to see you as an ally instead of an authoritarian. Many parents use what is called an “amnesty policy.” An “amnesty policy” allows your teen to seek assistance without fearing consequences if placed in a compromising position. In this instance, your child will call you and ask for your help. You will guarantee that in these moments, you will not impose regular consequences such as a punishment. Instead, you will focus on getting them out of harm’s way. Then, of course, when the time is right, you will discuss the incident and express how proud you are for your teen to have contacted you instead of making a wrong choice.

How Teen Drug Addiction Treatment Differs from Standard Rehab

There are multiple factors involved in how drugs change the brain and the processes involved with drug abuse and addiction. In a teenager, the effects of changes in the brain occur much faster than in adults. This is because the brain is not yet fully developed, a huge factor in creating addiction treatment programs for teens.

Drug Use Interferes with Major Brain Development

The teenage years are a time of significant development of the brain, particularly those areas associated with the following:

  • Maturity
  • Self-control

This lack of complete development in teenagers’ brains explains various teen behavior, such as risky and impulsive behaviors and actions. They seek immediate gratification without regard or thorough knowledge of the long-term consequences. When teens experiment with drugs, they get that immediate gratification and seek it out repeatedly. For teens like this, residential addiction treatment with 24-hour medical care and supervision may be ideal.

Early Drug Use Leads to Severe Addiction Later in Life

The changes in the not-fully-matured brain of teenagers cause teens to take unnecessary risks. It is difficult for many teenagers to resist the initial temptation of abusing drugs. The younger a teen starts using drugs creates the greater likelihood of progression to full-fledged drug addiction early in life and increases the chances of severe addiction later in life. Parents may not know what to do to help their teenager who is addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Treatment is imperative to help the teenager overcome the addiction and to heal the entire family. Teenagers are more susceptible to drug addiction than adults are. Whether the drug is alcohol, opioids, marijuana, or other substances, there are multiple reasons that teens suffer the devastation of drug addiction sooner than adults do.

Find Teen Drug Addiction Treatment Services in Southern California at Destinations for Teens

Seeking help for your teenager at a rehab center with evidence-based drug addiction services is imperative. While enforcing reasonable consequences is a good start, your teen won’t find it easy to overcome addiction if you take away their phone or ground them. Your teenager needs help from a comprehensive treatment program with teen addiction services that treat the whole person, not just the substance use disorder. Your encouragement, understanding, and participation in treatment with your teen are crucial for their recovery. Contact Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620 to learn more about our teen drug addiction services.