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care for teens and their families.

Destinations P.E.P (Prepare. Educate. Prevent) Talks are aimed at educating staff, students and teachers on various topics of mental health and substance use. More and more teenagers are being exposed to substances without knowledge of their harmful effects. Teens are also under a great deal of academic, social and peer pressure leading them to feelings of anxiety and depression. Without the right education and coping strategies, teens will turn to unhealthy behaviors to manage their emotions, including the use of drugs and alcohol. Destinations P.E.P. Talks hope to empower our youth and the community to make healthier choices through preparation, education and prevention while becoming independent in his/her well-being.

The roots of addiction and mental health issues start in the teen years. These issues are symptoms of an underlying problem. Destinations’ goal is to reduce the stigma around treatment and getting help before the problem becomes more difficult to manage. Shame around these issues will only lead to hiding and addictive behaviors. With the right tools, support and willingness to get help, positive change can take place.

For more information about P.E.P Talks and how Destinations can customize a talk for your school or community please contact Kayvon Babakan (818) 922-3260 [email protected]com.