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Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Los Angeles CA

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

A teen girl participates in dialectical behavior therapy in Los Angeles CAAnyone who suffers from addiction often has a host of underlying issues. To achieve long-term recovery, a person must address these core issues with the help of skilled therapists and, in many cases, their family members. Rehab involves different types of therapies, and one of those is dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT. However, how does DBT help those who are trying to overcome drug and alcohol dependency?

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

DBT had its beginnings in treating personality disorders. It’s a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and it can be helpful for someone who requires mental health treatment along with substance use treatment. Dialectical behavior therapy includes various components that work with one another to increase effectiveness. Therapists who use DBT meet with clients individually as well as in groups. It’s a supportive type of therapy that encourages clients to recognize their strengths as well as develop specific behavioral skills. DBT has four primary goals, which include:
  • Increasing self-control
  • Becoming emotionally engaged
  • Learning effective ways to solve problems
  • Connecting with others and finding happiness
Everyone has problems, but a person’s quality of life is dependent on how she deals with both minor and major stresses. DBT helps clients face problems instead of immediately trying to avoid them.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Because DBT has its roots in mental health treatment, it’s especially useful in addiction treatment as well. This is because many people with mental illnesses turn to drug and alcohol use as a way to self-medicate. All too often, they’re unable to process their emotions productively, so they rely on addictive substances as a way to escape.

Dialectical behavior therapy helps people change their behaviors by changing how they view themselves and the world. Negative thought patterns can result in harmful behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use. By recognizing negative emotions when they crop up, clients can stop them before they get out of hand.

They gain confidence as they realize they’re in charge of their actions. Instead of allowing their emotions to overwhelm them, they practice mindfulness techniques that help them focus on the present. They also learn positive ways to handle stressful situations.

Are you a concerned parent seeking effective addiction treatment for your teenage child? Dialectical behavior therapy in Los Angeles CA could be the answer you need.

Coastal Treatment That Works

Does your adolescent need treatment because he’s turned to drug and alcohol use as a way to cope with his problems? Is your teen daughter battling addiction alongside a mental health disorder? Then consider dialectical behavior therapy in Los Angeles CA.

L.A. is a popular rehab destination, for good reason. The setting and climate are ideal for a number of reasons. With moderate temperatures year-round and the proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the area is the perfect place for anyone grappling with addiction or a mental health disorder.

It’s also a top choice for clients from surrounding areas, including neighboring states. Some people prefer to travel for treatment, as it gives them a sense of starting over in a new location.

A Destination for Healing

Getting the right treatment for your child can make all the difference in transforming her into the happy, healthy person you know she can be. Destinations for Teens in Woodland Hills is an addiction treatment and mental health facility that only treats adolescents.

Whether it’s marijuana, alcohol, or heroin that’s turned your lives upside down, we’ll work with your teenager to get him back on the right path. With a combination of mindfulness practices and dialectical behavior therapy in Los Angeles CA, your child can gain new confidence and motivation.

Our treatment programs include:

As a parent, you’ll never give up hope for your child. Choose Destinations for Teens if your family needs healing. Our compassionate team provides dialectical behavior therapy alongside other effective treatments. Reach out to us today at 877-466-0620, and we’ll do everything we can to help your teen and your entire family.