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Exercise Therapy Program

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

two teen girls participate in an exercise therapy programRehab for drug and alcohol addiction can have longer-lasting results when a person can fully relax and participate in treatment. Traditional counseling techniques have their rightful place in treatment for substance use, but so do other types of therapies. Many addiction specialists are incorporating holistic treatment options, such as fitness and exercise therapy, to name just a couple. However, how can exercise benefit someone trying to overcome addiction?

Benefits of an Exercise Therapy Program

Being physically active has many benefits for people of all ages. According to MedLine Plus, they include:

  • Improved mental health and mood
  • Weight control
  • Improved sleep
  • Better thinking and judgment skills

With all of these benefits, it’s only natural to see why rehab facilities use exercise therapy as part of treatment. It could be an organized dance movement therapy program or a less formal type of exercise, such as a simple hike in the woods.

Just getting your body moving in an exercise therapy program can help combat the negative emotions and feelings that so often accompany drug and alcohol use disorders. The more positive you feel, the more likely you can fully participate in treatment, which increases the odds that you’ll experience long-term recovery.

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The Importance of Exercise Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Although moving during play comes naturally for most children, not everyone continues to be very active as they grow. While many teenagers pursue recreational sports activities, others stop playing. They may have lost interest, or they may have fallen into all-consuming substance use disorder. As a result, they stop doing things they once used to enjoy.

Drug and alcohol addiction have various negative effects on an adolescent’s developing mind and body. One of the goals of exercise therapy during addiction treatment is to improve their mood.

A paper from researchers at Davidson College and the University of Virginia supports the use of exercise therapy for addiction treatment. This literature review looked at a breadth of research on the topic and found that there is ample evidence showing that exercise helps with the addiction treatment process. Of course, more research is necessary to know how to best implement exercise into an addiction treatment program.

An exercise therapy program can be very organized or more casual. Some people like group activities like team sports, while others excel in solitary activities like running solo. There’s no one right way to develop an exercise routine — the right way is whatever someone enjoys and, therefore, is more likely to stick with.

Getting Help for Your Teenager

You recognize the painful reality that your teenage son or daughter needs help overcoming substance use disorder. Facilities that focus exclusively on adolescents can offer the most effective type of treatment for teens. Not only do professionals in this field understand the unique challenges that teens face, but they also know how to examine family dynamics as a part of treatment.

A combination of evidence-based treatment methods and holistic therapy, including exercise therapy, can put your child on the path to a clean, sober, and successful future. Instead of watching your teenager struggle with destructive behavior patterns that threaten to tear your family apart, you can get the help that targets your child while involving all of his or her loved ones.

Together, your family unit can heal and return to a healthy, happy space.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Exclusively for Adolescents

Destinations for Teens is an addiction treatment and mental health facility in Woodland Hills, California. Our compassionate team helps teens overcome addiction to meth, marijuana, heroin, and alcohol in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Our therapeutic services include:

From exercise therapy to an alumni program, Destinations for Teens has everything you and your child need to overcome the damaging effects of drug and alcohol use disorders. We’ll treat your son or daughter and help you put your family back together. Reach out to our dedicated, experienced team to find out more. Call 877.466.0620 today.