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Recreational Therapy Program

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

a teen reflects on his time in a recreational therapy programWhen your loved one needs help for substance use disorder or other behavioral health issues, recreational therapy provides an excellent pathway to healing. This therapy works well in a mix of counseling methods and evidence-based approaches. Because recreational therapies involve indoor or outdoor activities, your teen forgets about being in therapy and simply acts naturally. This knocks down big barriers to treatment and helps your teen heal and grow.

What Is Recreational Therapy?

Recreational therapy sounds fun. However, it’s not just gameplay. This therapy stays on track to fulfill specific goals, just like other therapy sessions. In fact, recreational methods provide your teen with many benefits, including the following:
  • Learning
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Reducing isolation
  • Collaborating with others
  • Developing trust and self-confidence
  • Making healthy decisions
  • Treating depression, anxiety, and stress
In recreational therapy, a licensed therapist works with your teen on his or her specific, individual needs. Perhaps your teen needs help with stress or depression. Or maybe your loved one struggles to open up and interact in talk therapy. Whatever needs your teen has, engaging in recreational activities with others helps to develop a stronger sense of self and community.

How Recreational Therapies Differ from Talk Therapies

Talk therapies focus on mental health problems or behavioral issues. A recreational therapy program focuses on complete wellness, that of body, mind, and spirit. Recreation often involves physical activity. However, the therapy provides deeper engagement for your teen than talk therapy alone.

Your teen’s therapist works to individualize each session for the group members. This requires getting to know your teen on a one-on-one basis. From those early sessions, the therapist develops insight into your young person’s social, physical, leisure, and cognitive needs. The therapist also tries to tap into your teen’s specific interests to encourage engagement.

A recreational therapy program takes place almost anywhere. Of course, the setting provides some constraints for certain types of activities. However, quality treatment programs add a recreational therapy program for teens to their services. Common activities include art, music, and team sports.

Research shows that in almost any setting, a recreational therapy program provides many positive outcomes. These include improvements in daily living for people from all walks of life. Because a teen rehab program surrounds your loved one with peers, therapy involves people of the same age group that face similar problems.

When you seek a quality addiction treatment center or mental health program for your loved one, ensure recreational therapy is part of the facility’s offerings. As said before, therapeutic recreation balances a program including other talk therapies, psychotherapy, individual counseling, group therapy, behavioral therapies, and family therapy.

Woodland Hills, CA Teen Treatment

When your loved one was born, and as your child grew to into a teenager, there was great promise for his or her future. Of course, somewhere along the way, things got hard. Destinations for Teens in Woodland Hills, CA helps your teen get back on the right track to the life you all want so much. Treatment options include the following:

If your teen suffers addiction, mental health problems, or a combination of the two, then Destinations for Teens provides the therapies and treatments needed for a better life. This treatment includes recreational therapy as part of a solid mix of methods. So call Destinations for Teens in Woodland Hills now at 877-466-0620. Help your teen help him or herself through this important call now.