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Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Methamphetamine has many similarities to cocaine. However, it’s easy for teens to get their hands on meth. What should parents know about this illegal stimulant? Most importantly, what will meth withdrawal be like when your adolescent undergoes treatment?

How Did Meth Hook My Teen?

a teen boy huddles up as he experiences meth withdrawal symptomsDestinations for Teens is a meth addiction treatment program that frequently works with families like yours. You’ve done everything right. You probably talked to your teen about drug use. Your child read the right books and went to drug prevention meetings at school.

However, somewhere along the line, someone introduced meth to your adolescent. Your teen started snorting or smoking it. Some also inject it. What began as a likely peer pressure situation quickly turned into a mission to recreate the perfect high.

Before meth withdrawal symptoms became a driving force, the feeling of happiness led to drug use. According to the National Institute on Drug use, the chemicals in the powder affect the brain’s dopamine production. Creating a sudden glut of the body’s feel-good chemical, your teen felt strong, confident, and energetic. Similarly, your teen felt an artificial sense of well-being.

These sensations felt good. Most importantly, they were so easy to achieve. All it took was a dose of meth. Addiction sets in quickly.

When Fear of Meth Withdrawal Becomes the Driving Force

Meth withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. According to American Addiction Centers, they usually start within 24 hours after the last dose. You begin to feel bone tired. Because the dopamine is draining from your system and not replenishing naturally, you experience deep depression.

It’s the complete opposite of the previous high. Some users react to others around them with paranoia. Rather than having confidence, users suddenly believes that everyone’s out to get them. You’ll feel voraciously hungry but experience little enjoyment from the food you eat.

Relapse is common when meth withdrawal takes place at home. The inability to deal with the depression and stressors that led to drug use frequently draw the user back in. Already weakened in the resolve to quit using, it won’t take a lot of peer pressure. That’s why rehab at Destinations for Teens can be a game changer for your adolescent.

How Rehab Deals with Meth Addiction

Specialists at Destinations for Teens understand that the intensity of acute meth withdrawal symptoms wanes after a couple of days. However, there are post-acute symptoms. They make meth withdrawal taxing. Most importantly, they tempt your teen to relapse.

A residential treatment model prevents this from happening. As adolescents move into the facility for a few weeks, they won’t have access to the drug. Besides that, the peer group won’t be there to apply pressure. In contrast, they can focus on recovery.

Modalities include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment for depression and any other psychiatric disorders
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that helps the teen overcome dysfunction with positive coping skills
  • Mindfulness training as a way to focus on being in the present and enjoying life again
  • Group therapy that introduces the adolescent to a positive peer group experience with plenty of encouragement
  • Experiential treatment as a way to interact with others, have fun without using, and explore new social skills

Parental involvement is an essential component of care. By the time your teen checks into Destinations for Teens, you already know the therapy team. Similarly, you understand the level of care your adolescent receives. Family education classes and therapy sessions lead to open communication and rebuilding of trust.

You become an integral part of the treatment program. After all, you know your child best. Therefore, you can help therapists support your teen’s need to restructure his or her life. This leads to the development of a new, drug-free lifestyle.

Schedule a Meth Withdrawal Appointment Today

Addiction isn’t a phase your teen outgrows. Meth is a tremendously addictive drug that your teen won’t be able to give up alone. Professional help is vital during the process. As long as the adolescent chases the perfect high and fears withdrawal, your teen will continue using.

Did you know that your insurance will most likely pay a good portion of the teen’s rehab? Intake counselors at Destinations for Teens can help you verify benefits. Make today the calendar date when meth withdrawal takes place. Call Destinations for Teens at 877.466.0620 now.