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Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms

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Prescription drug abuse is a massive problem among adults and teens in the United States. When it comes to opioid abuse, the one drug that people tend to abuse more than others is Vicodin.

Before they can get help for Vicodin addiction, they have to go through withdrawal. However, many people fear the Vicodin withdrawal symptoms. Most of the time, they fear the symptoms because they don’t know what to expect.

What Is Vicodin?

male teen buying drugs soon to experience vicodin withdrawal symptomsLet’s start with the basics about what Vicodin is. It’s actually a brand-name version of a mix of drugs. These two drugs are hydrocodone and acetaminophen. As with all pain relievers and opiates, the goal of this drug is to change the perception of pain to provide relief.

Usually, Vicodin relieves pain for around six hours. As with most opioids, it requires a prescription from a doctor. The main reason is that the drug is extremely addictive. Taking it for an extended period of time increases the chances of developing an addiction.

Unfortunately, needing a prescription doesn’t stop people from getting their hands on Vicodin. In fact, many teens buy it illegally on the street. In some cases, though, they aren’t buying pure Vicodin. They’re buying a form of it that contains other drugs, which makes it even more dangerous.

How Addictive Is Vicodin?

Vicodin is an extremely addictive drug. It doesn’t take long for people to develop an addiction to it. In fact, some people develop Vicodin addiction even when they take it as their doctors prescribe. This addictive nature is what makes the drug so dangerous.

Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms

Before teens can get help with Vicodin addiction, they have to detox from the drug. In fact, most rehab centers won’t treat teens or adults who haven’t completed detox.

When people begin the Vicodin detox process, they typically experience withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most common Vicodin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Vomiting
  • Cramps
  • Sleeplessness
  • Chills
  • Muscle aches
  • Diarrhea

These side effects are the result of the body being dependent on the drug. Once people remove it from their systems, their bodies start to crave it. The reason is that their bodies need the drug in order to function normally. Thankfully, Vicodin withdrawal symptoms don’t last forever.

Vicodin Detox Timeline

Everyone detoxifies from drugs at a different rate. However, there’s an average withdrawal timeline that most people experience. With Vicodin, they start to feel the effects of withdrawal within the first 24 hours. The Vicodin withdrawal timeline reaches its peak within the first 48 hours.

After the peak, the symptoms that people experience lessen. However, the Vicodin withdrawal timeline can last a week or two. Fortunately, the most extreme symptoms typically occur within the first seven days.

Visit Destinations for Teens to Get Help for Your Teen

When you look for a Vicodin addiction treatment program in California, it’s easy to get caught up with general rehab centers. If you’re looking for rehab for a teen, though, it’s important to note that they have different needs for recovery. For that reason, it’s essential that they visit a teen-only facility such as Destinations for Teens.

We help adolescents overcome Vicodin withdrawal symptoms. We strive to create custom treatment programs for every teen. Part of our program includes helping them better understand addiction and why it happens. A few of the programs and services that Destinations for Teens uses include:

Don’t let Vicodin destroy the life of your teen. Learn more about what to expect from Vicodin withdrawal symptoms. Reach out to Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620.