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Psychotherapy Program

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

A teen girl participates in a psychotherapy programAddiction and mental illness cause heartache for families of teens with these challenging problems. However, through the right help, the whole family finds healing and recovery. What’s more, you can enjoy generations of health through this important treatment. Simply ensure your teen receives help from a quality rehab treatment center using psychotherapy alongside other types of counseling.

One of the most confusing aspects of seeking rehab treatment for your teen is knowing which therapies work best. Psychotherapy program therapies include a range of types and strategies. Each of these offers its own level and type of support for recovery. Therefore, the best rehabs provide a mix of approaches, with each working together to supplement the others.

Group and Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy as a term includes multiple kinds of therapeutic interventions. These interventions all form around the guidance of a licensed therapist. Each type then helps your teen achieve goals in its own way. Of course, most work by providing your teen with the same basic support and care, including:

  • A safe, trusting place to discuss current problems
  • A place to talk about past experiences
  • Sharing and releasing toxic experiences to feel empowered
  • Learning coping skills to manage problems and symptoms
  • Making friends for interpersonal support
  • Gaining parental-style support and guidance
  • Modeling healthy relationships of trust

As you can see from the above psychotherapy program benefits, your teen gains positive interaction in these therapy sessions. Sessions include both individual and group therapy formats, with each of those having its own advantages, too. Group therapy allows for quick growth and self-awareness, as well as boosted self-esteem. Individual therapy enables expanding on issues discussed in group, as well as an exploration of subjects not covered in group therapy.


Four Psychotherapy Styles

Within the realm of individual and group therapy, your teen’s psychotherapy program includes a mix of styles. The therapist decides which methods suit your young person’s needs, then uses that style for the most benefit. The four key styles of a psychotherapy program include the following:


The supportive style of therapy offers your teen safety and trust in a one-on-one therapy setting. Your teen discusses whatever troubles them in their life, sharing their emotions. The therapist guides and supports your teen to help them understand what they need to do for greater wellness.


Coping-focused therapy teaches your teen how to cope with specific problems to prevent relapse of depression, anxiety, and substance use. These sessions include evidence-based methods proven through research. CBT, DBT, and other behavioral therapies also fall into this category.


Exploratory therapy helps your teen uncover ties between past trauma or use and present behavior. This works well for teens with anxiety or trauma-based disorders.

Social Skills, Interpersonal, and Growth

This therapy teaches your teen how to communicate with others as well as approach problems with maturity. This also helps your teen build interpersonal skills and deal with emotions constructively. This type of psychotherapy often takes place as part of a group therapy program.

Quality Therapies for Addiction Recovery in Woodland Hills, CA

Destinations for Teens provides your teen with a mix of quality therapies designed for lasting sobriety and overall wellness. Programs of our Woodland Hills, CA rehab include:

If your teen is struggling with addiction with or without co-occurring mental illness, then Destinations for Teens can provide the help and healing your whole family needs. Much of this healing takes place through psychotherapy, where your teen gains a voice and maturity in coping with life’s problems.

Call Destinations for Teens now to learn more about available programs in Woodland Hills, California. Ask about psychotherapy and other counseling for a better idea of what works for teens seeking recovery. With Destinations for Teens’ help, your whole family gains a happier and healthier future, so call 877-466-0620 now.