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5 Benefits of Residential Opiate Treatment

Opiates are considered natural opioids that come from opium poppies. The most popular opiates are morphine and codeine, which doctors prescribe for severe pain. However, a growing number of teens recreationally use opiates to get high and, as a result, develop substance use disorders. According to the CDC, more than 565,000 people have experienced an overdose due to opioid use between 1999 and 2020. This statistic is an alarming rate and proves the dangers associated with opiate use. A residential addiction treatment center in southern California will help your teen and their use of opiates. Residential opiate treatment benefits teens immediately as it helps them learn to manage the emotional triggers that made them begin using opiates. In addition, treatment will support teens in setting goals and achieving them, something that does not happen when they are actively using opiates.

5 Benefits of Residential Opiate Treatment

Opiates are highly addictive substances. Prolonged use, especially for teens, can lead to severe challenges in adulthood, such as:

  • Finding and keeping a job
  • Fractured relationships as a result of addiction
  • Legal problems

There are many benefits of residential opiate treatment for adolescents. Facilities specializing in treating young adults will focus on their social and emotional development while also treating their bodies so that they heal properly and fight the urge to use when they leave a residential treatment program. Here are five distinct benefits of residential treatment for teens using opiates.

1. No Distractions

Teens who are using opiates for recreational purposes need support. A residential program provides this opportunity. There are no substances such as drugs or alcohol present at the facility. In addition, the emotional triggers and peer pressure in a teen’s life on the outside are not present. Their primary purpose will be to become and remain opiate-free.

2. Unlimited Professional Support

In a residential treatment program, your teen will have access to consistent care from physicians, nurses, therapists, and other staff members. These team members understand the challenges that young adults face when receiving inpatient opiate care and will identify effective ways of supporting them to recover and restore their lives.

3. Structured Space

When a teen is overcoming a substance use disorder, it is essential that they are in a nurturing and structured environment. In a residential treatment program, professionals have planned a daily schedule to help young adults focus on successfully finishing their program. Every day, teens will:

  • Attend therapy sessions
  • Complete schoolwork
  • Participate in physical activities
  • Take any needed medications

4. Peer Support

When teens are around other young adults on the same journey and are focused on being substance-free, they will realize that being in a treatment program will help them long-term. Through group therapy and activity-based therapy sessions, teens can express their feelings, share their thoughts, and discover how to manage their challenges.

5. Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

It is not uncommon for teens with a substance use disorder to have other psychological needs that require help. Residential opiate treatment benefits teens who also deal with conditions such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Physicians and therapists can adequately address these disorders while providing young adults with the best care for recovery from substances.

Discover the Power of Inpatient Opiate Care with Destinations for Teens

If your teen struggles with a substance use disorder, there is no reason to ignore the signs. The challenges they face will only get worse as their addiction grows stronger. As the adult in their life, you have an opportunity to help them discover a life that is the voice of substance use. The benefits of residential opiate treatment far outweigh its disadvantages. Teens will have access to:

  • Access to therapeutic support
  • Medically-assisted detoxification to support their painful withdrawal symptoms
  • Peer support and participation in a creative arts therapy
  • Scheduled school sessions so they never fall behind in their classwork

Teens should never feel ashamed for seeking help. Inpatient opiate care at Destinations for Teens will allow them to find success and purpose in their lives with no distractions present. If you are considering residential treatment for your teen, speak with our specialists. Contact us at 877.466.0620 and begin your teen’s journey to recovery.