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Major Cocaine Addiction Signs

When it comes to party drugs, few are more well known than cocaine. This drug, which some people call coke or blow, comes in rock and powdered forms. Regardless of the type, it’s highly addictive and very dangerous. Here are some cocaine addiction signs that you need to look out for in friends and family members.

Cocaine Addiction Signs

It’s essential for you to remember that cocaine is an illegal street drug. People who want to use it usually have to actively seek it out. As a result, others can look for signs that indicate an addiction to cocaine. Many of these cocaine addiction signs are the same for teens and adults.

Changes in Personality

A person holds a baggie of white powder to represent cocaine addiction signs

When people start using cocaine, their personalities change. The reason for this change is the chemical imbalance that the drug causes in the brain. While under the influence of cocaine, they’re typically more energetic, talkative, and the life of the party. When people don’t use the drug, they usually experience withdrawal, which changes their personalities again. They become quick to anger. They can also appear nervous or troubled. During the withdrawal process, the only thoughts that they have are of how to get more cocaine.

Life-Threatening Cocaine Addiction Signs

It’s hard to talk about signs of cocaine abuse without bringing up the potentially life-threatening problems. The drug is so addictive that people keep using it long after it causes health conditions. Since the drug is a stimulant, it negatively affects the heart. Using cocaine for an extended period of time or overdosing on it can cause issues such as:

  • Seizures
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Trouble breathing

The occurrence of any of the above symptoms might indicate a cocaine addiction problem. It’s also important for friends or loved ones to get medical help right away. These symptoms are severe and can lead to death.

Extreme Weight Loss

What most people don’t know, is that cocaine suppresses their appetites while it stimulates their nervous systems. The result is dramatic weight loss. In some cases, people who abuse cocaine can lose as much as 50 pounds in just a few months. The drug is such an effective weight loss tool that doctors used to prescribe it as a weight loss method. When the government recognized its addictive and dangerous effects, though, the drug became illegal.

Get Your Teen Help for Cocaine Addiction

If your teen struggles with cocaine addiction, getting help is of the utmost importance. Finding a cocaine addiction treatment program in Los Angeles CA isn’t hard if you know what to look for. Destinations for Teens offers a range of programs that can help your teen overcome drug addiction and underlying mental issues. Some of our services include:

Do something about cocaine addiction signs when you notice them. Get help for your teen today. Reach out to us at 877-466-0620.