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How Prescribed Opiates are Increasing Heroin Use Among Teens

The abuse of drugs and the development of an addiction can be very complicated. In some cases, an addiction can develop accidentally when an individual begins using a substance for a legitimate medical reason. In other situations, a teenager may try using a prescription medication out of curiosity, peer pressure, or a variety of other reasons. Although the reasons for an addiction can be complicated, there are risks that are associated with the abuse of certain substances. Destinations for Teens know how heroin use among teens can develop and how to treat the issue.

Prescription Drugs and Substance Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic. Many individuals are using the prescriptions in a way that deviates from the directions of a medical professional. In the case of teenagers, they may take the medication from a friend, relative, or even by taking the drug from a parent’s medications. Although prescription pain relievers are often given to help with severe pain after an accident, surgery, or a chronic condition, it can be dangerous when it is abused. A primary reason that some teenagers may abuse the drugs initially is the misunderstanding about the safety of the substance. Teenagers may assume that a prescription drug is not dangerous. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that roughly 26 to 36 million individuals abuse opiate drugs around the world, and roughly 2.1 million Americans are abusing prescription medications. Since teenagers are starting to use drugs more frequently, there is a possibility that heroin abuse will develop in the future.

Heroin Use Among Teen

In many cases, teenagers start out using prescription medications. They then begin using heroin at a later date to help reduce the cost of their addiction. Heroin abuse is increasing at an alarming rate throughout the country. Because it is less expensive than prescription medications, it keeps an individual’s addiction going. Furthermore, it produces a similar high or feeling of euphoria that is associated with prescription medications. Fortunately, the rates of teenagers who are seeking treatment for heroin addiction has increased. Also, roughly 15% of high school seniors have used prescription medications for recreational purposes by graduation. The risk of abusing heroin increases when a teenager becomes addicted to a prescription opiate. Thus, parents should be aware of the potential concerns that may arise and should discuss the risks with children and teenagers at an early age.

Concerns about Addictions

An addiction to an illicit substance does not always begin with an interest in the substance. In many cases, teenagers will use other substances. They’ll begin using illicit drugs when they can’t afford or obtain prescription medication. Heroin abuse is a growing problem. But parents can help reduce the risk of addiction by talking about the risks of substance abuse. Destinations for Teens can help you during this process. If you are concerned about a loved one, it may be time to seek professional assistance and advice. To learn more about opiates and heroin abuse, give us a call at 877.466.0620.