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Understanding Emotional & Psychological Trauma in Teens

Every day, teenagers in Southern California are struggling with trauma. The events in their lives can be overwhelming and have a lasting impact on their mental health. That’s why it’s so essential for them to have access to teen trauma treatment services. Trauma treatment can help these teens heal their emotional wounds and learn how to cope with their difficulties. It can also help them build the skills they need to live healthy, productive lives. If this sounds like something your teen can benefit from, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call 877.466.0620 to speak to someone from Destinations for Teens about our mental health treatment programs and trauma services for teens.

What Causes Teen Trauma?

Trauma is an emotional response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event. Various things can cause it. Traumatic events can make people feel scared, helpless, and ashamed. They can also lead to long-term mental health problems like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Common causes of trauma in teens include:

  • Bullying
  • Divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • Natural disasters
  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

Sometimes, trauma can occur simply from witnessing a traumatic situation—such as a car accident or a violent attack. No matter the cause, trauma can be debilitating and requires professional help to overcome. Unfortunately, many teens don’t receive the treatment they need due to financial constraints, lack of access to quality trauma services, or even stigma surrounding mental health issues. This leads to unresolved trauma, which can have lasting consequences. At Destinations for Teens, we believe all teens deserve trauma treatment that works for them. Our trauma services for teens are designed to help them regain control of their lives and start recovering. We offer comprehensive trauma treatment in a safe, supportive environment. No matter what your teen is dealing with, trauma treatment can be incredibly beneficial. With the right help, your teen can better understand their trauma and learn how to work through it. At the very least, professional treatment can prevent unresolved trauma from developing into PTSD.

How to Tell Whether or Not Your Child Needs Teen Trauma Treatment

If you believe your teen is suffering from trauma, getting them the help that they need as soon as possible is essential. Look for signs such as:

  • Angry outbursts or increased aggression
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Decreased academic performance
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Intense feelings of guilt or shame
  • Self-harm or suicidal thoughts
  • Withdrawal from activities they used to enjoy

Trauma treatment can help your teen if they exhibit any of these signs. With treatment, they can address the trauma and begin feeling better.

What to Expect from Trauma Services for Teens

At Destinations for Teens, we use trauma-informed care techniques to ensure your teen feels comfortable and safe. Our trauma services focus on helping teens identify their trauma triggers and understand the underlying causes of their trauma. We also provide trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), which uses evidence-based methods to address trauma. Our trauma services are tailored to each teen’s needs and provide the guidance they need to heal emotionally. We understand that mental health professionals must approach trauma treatment delicately and with great understanding, which is why we take our time to get to know each teen before beginning a trauma treatment plan. We strive to create a safe, secure space for our trauma services, where teens can feel comfortable and start their path to healing.

Find Teen Trauma Treatment in Southern California at Destinations for Teens

If you think your teen is struggling with trauma, don’t wait any longer. Contact Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620 to learn more about our trauma services for teens and how we can help your teenager heal. We are here to provide the trauma treatment your teen needs to move forward.