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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Will My Teen Fall Behind in School if They Receive Treatment?

What is the biggest concern families have when deciding to enroll their teen in residential treatment? School attendance and how it will impact a teen’s ability to transition back to their home school program. Destinations for Teens, however, has already considered this need and offers a daily educational program. Our teen education program keeps teens from falling behind in school while learning skills that can be transferred to their home school. After all, treatment and education are the keys to helping young adults feel confident and secure in their abilities.

School Support

A teen’s academics are important to their lives. For some, good grades will mean they will go to the college of their choice with a scholarship. And for others, it can be a struggle, leaving them feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Sometimes teens can begin abusing drugs and alcohol to cope with the stress related to school. While abusing prescription drugs might make a teen feel like they can stay up for prolonged periods of time, there are many adverse effects. In contrast, a teen who struggles in school—socially or academically—may turn to other drugs such as heroin or alcohol to relieve their anxiety in a school setting. However, in both instances, the reasons for using will only lead to struggles with addiction. Becoming addicted to drugs can harm a teen’s academic standing if they are excelling, and if they are already struggling, it can make it harder for them to get on track with their studies. By receiving treatment in a residential treatment program, our teens learn how to deal with stress and learn skills to help them remain sober and fulfilled in their lives.

Teen Academics at Destinations for Teens

Destinations for Teens partners with The International Academy of Science to provide the Edmentum K-12 A-G curriculum. Our school support team assists students in our program while also advocating for a seamless re-entry to their regular school. Teen academics at our residential programs are rigorous and supportive for all of our teens. Every day, our teens participate in three hours of classwork. Working with content specialists who can provide individual support and supervise the program, teens can grow intellectually. Here are some other benefits to our program:

  • For accelerated students, we provide advanced placement courses to enhance college preparation skills.
  • Content specialists who offer supervision and educational support
  • The ability to transfer credits
  • Participate in credit recovery
  • Advance studies through credit acceleration
  • SAT preparation
  • Vocational skill exploration

Once our teens have completed their program at Destinations for Teens, they will take an educational assessment. The results will allow them to transfer credits to their home school. Upon completing the program at Destinations, each teen takes an educational exit exam. This allows for their reintegration into their regular school system. At the forefront of all of our decisions is that teens receive adequate school support.

The Power of Treatment and Education at Destinations for Teens

We all want our teens to live happy and healthy lives. The best way to do this? By supporting their treatment and education needs therapeutically and holistically. Since all teens need attention and support when recovering from a substance use disorder or mental health condition, it is important to also address their educational needs. Through extensive individual and group counseling sessions along with music and exercise therapy, teens can concentrate on relieving stress so that they can concentrate on being the best student they can be. At Destinations for Teens, we focus on helping teens be their best selves. Our teen education program will be a needed supplement to your teen’s recovery process. Contact us 877.466.0620 to get your teen the treatment and education they deserve.