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10 Benefits of Music Therapy for Teens

Music is food for the soul. When you are happy, a great song will make you want to get up and dance. When you are sad, the right song can shift your mood. In recent years, research has shown that music therapy can support adolescents dealing with chronic depression or substance use disorder.

Why Should We Learn the Benefits of Music Therapy?

While traditional forms of therapy often produce results, creative forms also help teens learn to manage their emotions effectively. Music has the power to transform a listener’s mood. As a result, using music as a form of therapy will help shift many teens’ mental states. Used in both individual and group therapy sessions, teens will learn to:

  • Listen and analyze the lyrics
  • Participate in discussions about music
  • Produce music
  • Write and perform songs

Often, we consider traditional forms of therapy to be the most effective, and while they can be, it is essential to discover that music therapy benefits teens in unique ways.

10 Benefits of Music Therapy for Teens

Music therapy supports adolescents’ overcoming substance use disorders and managing mental health disorders. Here are ten specific benefits of music therapy for teens participating in a treatment center:

  1. Understand emotions — Often, when teens are struggling with mental health or substance use disorders, they need to learn to manage their emotions. Music therapy helps teens identify and understand their feelings.
  2. Promotes creativity — In music therapy sessions, teens participate in many ways. At every moment, teens express themselves creatively.
  3. Enhances a positive mood — One of the benefits of music therapy is that it can transform participants’ moods. Whether teens are creating, performing, or actively listening to music, music therapy can help them focus on feeling good.
  4. Stress reliever — Imagine listening to calming music in a session with your peers. For many teens, it has the power to make them much more relaxed and less stressed.
  5. Learn active listening — By listening to music intently, teens can actively engage in conversations about the lyrics that will help them interpret greater meaning. In their daily lives, they can begin active listening practices to listen for understanding.
  6. Increased independence — Teens all need to exhibit greater autonomy and decision-making. In music therapy, teens use creativity while working with others or independently. As a result, they should consider how to express themselves positively.
  7. Enhanced concentration — Increased attention span is another benefit of music therapy. In music therapy, teens are challenged to focus on the creative process, which helps with their ability to complete projects.
  8. Conflict resolution — Working in groups is never easy. In music therapy–whether it is a music discussion or teens are actively creating a project–they must focus on working well with others.
  9. Focus on success — As part of treatment, teens need to feel a sense of control over their lives. They also need to feel successful, confident, and proud. Participating in music therapy helps them to understand the power of their creativity.
  10. Improve physical health — Improved health is one of the benefits of musical therapy. Researchers argue that participants often have lower blood pressure, reduced heart rate, and less tension.

Destinations for Teens Music Therapy Benefits All Adolescents

Seeking treatment for mental health or substance use disorders is not an easy feat. Trained professionals supporting you and your teen will always be helpful. The benefits of music therapy for teens are unlimited. If you are looking for a teen treatment center that integrates holistic, creative therapy options, reach out to Destinations for Teens. In addition to music therapy, we also offer the following:

  • Art Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Photography Therapy
  • Mindfulness

In addition, we also offer traditional individual, group, and family therapy options to support teens. Contact us at 877.466.0620.